Сoaching your channel:

  • 1000 sub – 6$
  • 10000 sub – 30$
  • 1000 views – 3$
  • 10000 views – 15$

Buy new channel:

  • 1000 sub – 5$
  • 10000 sub – 25$

All participants are real people added from Telegram-based messengers on Google Play. Before adding members to your channel or group, we ask for their consent. These members are not much different from ordinary users – they can view your messages, buy your products and services, chat, share your content with friends, etc.

Unique technologies allow us to provide users from all over the world with 99% accuracy. If you need participants from Nigeria, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, India, Russia, Ghana, Indonesia, USA or even Australia, that’s not a problem! We have over 500,000 active users from over 150 countries.

The more Telegram channel or group subscribers you buy, the less you pay. We offer our customers free Telegram members as a purchase bonus. If you buy 8000 subscribers from India, you will get an additional 2000 subscribers for free. We are committed to long-term cooperation, so we provide special conditions and offers for our customers.

Manually, you can only add 200 members to your channel, but with us, you can invite an unlimited number of Telegram members to your channel. Even if you want to have 500,000 subscribers on your channel, we can help you.

Do you have questions or concerns? Your personal manager is ready to help you as soon as possible. We answer all your questions before, after or during the promotion of your Telegram channel.

Contacts to buy Telegram members/views:

Discord IvanQreed#3278 | Telegram @IvanQreed

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