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    How To Avoid Ban When Cheating In Battlefield 5 with FairFight


    What is FairFight in Battlefield 5?

    First of all, FairFight is a system with algorithmic analysis of player statistics and server side cheat detection. It uses many algorithmic models to evaluate the player's gameplay and catch potential cheaters. It also uses cross-checks based on its own tolerance that has been established. When the cross-checks match, you get a mark and accumulate flags that will eventually lead to a ban. Remember that this is a fully automatic system, it works 24/7 and you can get banned at any time! Note: As you can see, Fairfight is not an anti-cheat system as it does not detect hacks like Punkbuster, Vac or BattlEye does. The system is actually based on statistical analysis and if you get banned, you yourself are to blame.

    If you want to minimize the risk of being banned from FairFight in BF1, BF4, BF5, BF Hardline, Rainbow Six: Siege, Warface and TitanFall 2, Star Wars: Battlefront and many other games, then remember:

    What is being tracked (settings may vary from game to game, but the most important thing here):

    - Account per minute (SPM);
    - Kill Death Rate (KDR);
    - Damage per shot (DPS);
    - Kills Per Minute (KPM);
    - Accuracy (of your weapon);
    - Kill Ranges (Distance);
    - Tracking movement (GPS, your position on the map in relation to other players);
    - The speed of movement of the sight in frames (helps to detect Aimbot, because Aimbot always move at the same speed, a person cannot always move the sight at a constant speed);
    - The location of the hit on the target (do you constantly do a headshot, etc.)
    - Tracking keystrokes on the keyboard (if you constantly press the "Home" button in the game without linking it to an action in the game, then it is associated with a cheat);
    - Screenshots (usually hacks are not displayed on them, but people using glitches, game bugs, etc. are tracked)
    - Viewing angles and direction of sight (where your gaze is directed in relation to other players);
    - ESP detection (explained below).

    How to avoid ESP detection, here are some tips to apply while you play

    Most of us already know the basics:

    - Do not track "squares" (ESP boxes) and the player through walls.
    - Do not shoot the enemy out of visual range.
    - Don't follow your enemy on the map.

    And for the Sniper:

    - Do not aim at an enemy that you can potentially not see without a frame, why? Because you can't see the enemy at a given distance if you don't have ESP.
    - Never aim or shoot at a target you cannot see. Like players behind trees, stones, etc.

    But you can still get banned even if you follow these basic rules, here's why:

    Let me explain some basic behaviors to you.

    We have three players: the pro player, the average player, and the cheater.

    Scenario 1 - Consists of a permanent hot zone. Two enemies are present.

    Player A moves gently (checking) into the hot zone and kills both enemies.
    Player B moves casually into the hot zone and dies.
    Player C moves gently (checking) into the hot zone and kills both enemies.
    Which player is using ESP? There is no template yet ...

    Scenario 2 - Same players and same hot zone, but no enemies this time.

    Player A moves gently (checking) into the hot zone and then moves on.
    Player B moves casually into the hot zone and then moves on.
    Player C moves casually through the hot zone.
    Guess who was the cheater. Is the 'C' correct? FairFight has found such a player, he gets a flag and ends up in potential ESP users.


    In fact, all these checks and procedures take a lot of time, it will not be possible to immediately ban a player using this method. You get flags for a long time and after you accumulate them you get banned. If you do not understand the basic behavior described above, you will eventually get banned. The solution to this issue is quite simple, you constantly have to act as if the enemy is nearby, which means that when you were about to turn a corner and cross the `` T '' shaped junction, move as if there is someone there, especially when it comes to tight and narrow areas, i.e. before leaving the corridor, check right and left, it doesn't matter even if you know where the enemy is. If you do not do this, then over time the system will come to the conclusion that you are using Wallhack. There is nothing difficult in this, you need to get into the habit of this style of play all the time and you will be considered a type A player.

    From personal experience, I note that I rarely check, but if I run and see that the enemy is running to a meeting from around the corner or should appear from behind a hillock, I do not stop and do not start aiming or waiting for him. I continue to run to the meeting, already ready for his appearance, and as soon as he appears in sight, I start shooting, either from the hip or if taking aim at a distance. In 80% of cases, this tactic justifies itself because an ordinary player 

    not ready for you to appear, but you are ready. The remaining 20% that fall on failure, as a rule, occurs if my opponent in this situation is a cheater, and even with a hard aimbot. But this style will then have to be adhered to all the time, you must choose whether you will behave like a neat player or a player who takes on the reaction.

    For FairFight to work, you need a cheater. The more cheaters are banned, the easier it will be to compile statistical models and the easier it will be to draw a line between a regular player and a cheater. Over time, this can lead to an improvement in the accuracy of the algorithmic system and the more difficult it will be to use cheats. Follow the described rules. Because it will be more and more difficult to create safe hacks.

    Additional tips:

    - Can be easily detected by sight movement per frame per second, based on statistical tracking. Therefore, it is not recommended for permanent use. Alternatively, switch to on / off periodically when in use. Use it at your own risk!

    No Spread / No Recoil:
    - With insane accuracy, you can earn FairFight flags. It is also not recommended for use. But, if you want to play with them, keep them within reasonable limits, within the limits of most players. (Looking through the statistics of many not banned cheaters, I will say that the accuracy should not exceed 20-22%).

    Aim Assistance (The Silent Aimbot)
    - Great for shooting, but the probability of getting flags is very high. Also, never use in conjunction with No Spread / No Recoil.

    Place of hit:
    - With a massive amount of headshots, you are guaranteed to get flags from FairFight.
    - Try to either change the settings of the destination of the hit or make these hits dynamic, especially important when using the aimbot in conjunction with other functions.

    Kill rate:
    It is important! An ordinary player cannot kill 5 people in 2 seconds, if you do it constantly, the FairFight flag is guaranteed to you!


    Now you know enough about FairFight and how to avoid being banned from this system as much as possible.

    Once again, we will consolidate the material so that we have the maximum chances of avoiding the ban.

    1) Set random hit spots! Shots in the same place are clear evidence of your cheating.
    2) Set the amibot speed to a low, the higher the speed, the more likely you are using a cheat!
    3) Set FOV to <10.
    4) Don't track enemies through walls.
    5) Don't use No Spread / No Recoil (this increases your kill stats, etc.).
    6) Never play fiercely (fast cutting a server with a huge kill / death ratio and a quick kill by a player of 10 enemies in 2 seconds is guaranteed to lead to a ban).
    7) Play as if spectating is watching you!
    😎 If you are a paranoid player then never use aimbot.

    If you ever get banned from FairFight, please change your computer name and external IP address before buying / starting the game again. There is now a new EA Fingerprinting - a validation procedure that is activated the first time you start BF3 / BF4 / Hardline - it checks the Computers Motherboard Serial # using WMI (WMIC).

    Information taken from various sources!

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