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    How to remove HWID and Shadow ban in Call of Duty Warzone or Cold War


    How to Get Rid of Shadow and HWID Ban in Call Of Duty Warzone, Cold War


    So what is the one we are considering Shadow ban?


    A Shadow ban is also often called a hidden ban, or in addition to all this, there is also a ban on ghosts, and often a phantom of comments. To be very brief, this is the so-called blocking action, but it is also possible to partially block the user, including without doubt in addition to the content in the online community. And at the same time, users often do not know that they have received a ban.


    HWID and Shadow ban Spoofer for Call of Duty Warzone and Cold War


    Now it's time to understand: what is so special and what is the HWID ban?


    A tool like HWID tells users that parts of their computer have specific numbers (for example, serial numbers), which are usually copied for storage in a Windows file, and in addition they are also embedded in your operating system. It follows from this, using the «organizational blocking» by anti-cheat developers, it is Battle-Eye and Easy-Anti-Cheat, making requests regarding the contents of this file or part of the registry in Windows.

    Anti-cheat companies, as a rule, mainly focus on hackers and ban them, immediately at the first opportunity. Thus, the correct decision will be to provide preliminary personal security from them. Therefore, we recommend that all users use HwidSpoofers, even though your Hwid is not blocked. All this should be done in order to reliably protect your original Hwid, to prevent future blocking.


    What methods can be used to remove the Hwid or Shadow ban in COD Warzone?


    The first thing to note is that it is impossible to remove the lock from the same account. Hence, you will need to register a new one, as well as start all over again using some HwidSpoofers, including applying a VPN, including changing the way you play.


    Buy HWID Spoofer for Call of Duty Warzone and Cold War with instant access




    So what is the work of Hwid Spoofers?


    Spoofers Hwid is substituted for a unique user ID for each component of his computer, namely: processor, RAM, hard disk, and SSD, including hiding a unique Hwid. From this, we can conclude that your Hwid is randomly generated, which in turn contributes to the prevention of the Hwid from being blocked.


    We are pleased to introduce a working Spoofer that can change your HWID, Mac, and Hard Disk data (serial numbers, signatures, GUIDs, and more). Now you can download Spoofer HWID for free from our website. This very useful software will help you change the hostname of the Changer Loop, Winkey. The hardware unlock test has been passed in games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, CS: GO, and will work perfectly with other entertainment.


    What solutions are there?


    1. The first step should be first of all formatting the Windows program (only here there is a very important nuance, you can not make a mistake and because we are not talking about instant formatting, but about the operation when all data is erased).
    2. Launch the VPN, with its further inclusion (while not stopping to run it).
    3. Run our HwidSpoofers (which can be downloaded from this link).
    4. Next, you will need to create a new game account on
    5. Then download the Blizzard app, then COD MW (Open the Task Manager/Startup, then make sure that Battlenet is disabled).
    6. Do a reboot of your computer.
    7. After you have rebooted your personal PC, you can start entering your hack. If you want, you can use our HWID Spoofer, and also wait for the message «Spoofers completed».
    8. Now it's your turn to launch the Blizzard/Battlnet app, doing it as an administrator and launching the game.
    9. If you no longer want to receive a Shadow ban, then you will now have to perform forgery using our COD MW tracking file cleaner after every PC restart or shutdown!



    If you are looking for HWID Spoofer for any another game like Rust, Tarkov or etc you can find it in our available HWID spoofers list


    Important information:


    Steps 7 through 10 must be performed every time you restart or shut down your computer. This operation is very important, because if you do not do this, you can get a Shadow ban again. This means that without running Spoofers or the cleaner, you will always find yourself blocked with a Shadow ban.


    (1) COD MW Tracking files cleaner:


    . exe is not able to delete the game! It just cleans up the anti-cheat COD tracking files. In the event that the game stops working after that, you need to scan and fix the game files from the app


    (2) If you still end up in the «cheater-only lobby»:


    It should also be noted that when you have completed the above steps, you are still in the Shadow bath, then this state is considered quite normal in the first few days. Activision places new players in the Shadow ban, for the purpose of remaining convincing that they are not hacked. It is recommended to bypass the use of the Aimbot during this period and play with the utmost legality. And after the incident 5-7 days, you will be returned to normal life.

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