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  • Hacks and Cheats for the new game Call of Duty Vanguard


    Vanguard Boom Cheat for Call of Duty with Aimbot, ESP Wallhack, No recoil and more


    The Rulezzgame portal is already starting to release cheats and hacks for the game Call of Duty Vanguard, initially of course for the beta version. Initially, the company worked on hacks for the alpha version, and now the hack is ready for launch and use by ordinary players. 
    Since the game Call of Duty has been releasing various parts of games for its fans for many years, it uses its own method of dealing with scammers who use hacking for their game. This is not a standard approach, and not all game developers do this. 

    Rulezzgame is the best option for downloading hacked games. In the field of hacking games, experience is very important. The Rulezzgame portal has been operating in the gaming market for a long time, so it is considered a reliable option for downloading hacks and hacks. Therefore, do not worry that you may be blocked while you are playing COD Vanguard. 

    Many COD Vanguard users have a question about whether the game uses anti-Chita.  The answer is yes. It is used by those games that have a large audience of users. But the Rulezzgame team played the alpha version of the game – so they are very familiar with the very structure of the game and the way it is built.
    Activision is a game development company. One of her most popular games is Call of Duty. The development team uses many methods that would be able to expose people who use various hacks to their advantage. 

    When various hacks for the game appear on the Internet, developers quickly find programs that find players who use cheats, and immediately block them. 
    Of course, for a development company, inventing special anti-cheat programs is quite expensive and not profitable. But in terms of savings, they invented the call of Duty Black Ops 4 anti-cheat system. although they spent more than four million dollars and more than three years of their time developing it, they still saved a lot in the long run. 

    When the game developers first started implementing their anti-Games in the game, the scammers were able to deceive it and continued to play and use various hacks. Over time, this turned into a war between game developers and developers of cheats for the game. 
    Today, call of Duty developers actively use various anti-cheat programs to maximize the safety of their players. But with the release of the new Call of Duty Vanguard game, they plan to make their own system even more reliable and better for all players. 

    But of course it is clear that this will not last forever. The developers of our team have long been used to working against the anti-cheat that the COD team continues to develop, and we are also sure that over time our team will still develop a cheat that can easily outsmart the game, despite any unexpected technologies in the game world. 



    It's important to always choose the best hacks in Call of Duty Vanguard

    When you play any online games, you will always want to become better than your opponents, always win and get the best rewards. Therefore, sometimes there is a desire to use different ways to achieve this goal. One of them is the use of cheats in the game. 
    Now there are so many types and ways to use cheats. The most important thing is to choose it correctly for yourself. It all depends on your style of play. Some players play a slightly adventurous but interesting style-they just go on the attack at the first best opportunity.  For such purposes, it is best to use the Aimbot function. Other players play steadily, but do not engage in dangerous battles, and usually statically choose a place on the map, and then from there they gradually begin to attack the enemy. 

    Some players like to know as much information as possible about their enemies, where to expect them, their health level, and what weapons they use. This knowledge will help you better anticipate your enemy's actions. 
    In most online shooters, there are two main types of players. The first type is just those who can play. For them, it is not necessary to use any cheats and hacks, they can rely on their skills and win battles on this, others, on the contrary, are not very experienced, these are players who do not play much shooters so they often do not know the map, where it is better to be located, how best to attack the opponent, so it will be very difficult for them to do without the help of hacks in the game.
    Of course the easiest thing to do is for players who have been playing the call of Duty series of games for several years. They already know how the game works in general, know the main maps, and how to use a particular weapon better and more correctly in different game situations. 
    Hacks are not universal. They are suitable for different players in different ways. If a certain player feels that he lacks skills in certain aspects of the game, then he should use the hacks that compensate for them. 


    Aimbot cheats and hacks in the new COD Vanguard game

    Many players complain that in shooters, the most difficult thing is the process of quick aiming.  It is important for you to aim quickly and shoot the enemy, it is best to do it directly in the head, but if your enemy can do it faster than you, all your efforts will be in vain. For this purpose, we offer you Aimbot with it, you can reduce the aiming time to a minimum. 


    Why use Aimbot in Call of Duty Vanguard?

    This feature will significantly help you become a better player and greatly increase your chances of killing an enemy. It quickly searches for the enemy and helps you aim at it and quickly defuse it.  
    Not all aimbots work the same way, some will help you quickly kill the enemy, while others will find it and aim at it. In addition, another important function of such cheats is to try to use them realistically. 

    Of course, they don't work perfectly either. If your enemy is well hidden behind an obstacle or barrier that is located on the map, then this cheat starts working with problems.
    For Safer Use, Aimbot should be enabled in the settings so that it does not automatically turn on. That is, so that you can manually control it from time to time. This will make your aiming more natural and Human, which will significantly reduce the chances that you may be exposed. 

    Most aimbots have their own settings. In them, you can better understand the principle of operation of this cheat, and configure it as it will be more convenient for you. You should also pay attention to the degrees that are used there for navigation. It will be difficult for non-experienced players to get used to it at first, but it will pass over time.  

    Most gamers keep their point of view at about a 90-degree angle, because that almost guarantees you that you won't be fixed on your enemy's map as a target. 
    It's also important to be crafty. If you shoot at the enemy's torso, and then at the end a few control shots to the head, it will not be suspicious, and it practically guarantees you Security and Privacy. For such shooting, you should set up your bot. So that the main flow of shooting he just put in the center of the enemy's body, and not immediately in the head, as most players do.


    How do Wallhack and ESP cheats work in the new Call of Duty Vanguard game

    At first glance, it may seem that this is not a very necessary hack, and it does not provide significant advantages. But not like that. With it, you can see all the basic data about your player, their name, and their health level immediately on the screen, without looking at the scoreboard. You may need this in a fierce duel, especially information about your opponent's health level when building various offensive strategies. 

    Some other ESP features will help you see your opponent's body image, allowing you to see their limbs and the direction in which they will move. It is important that some of them will help you see the hitboxes of your enemies, this will help you know exactly where you need to move and most importantly where to aim just at the time when your enemy starts to come out from behind the wall. 

    This feature will allow you to get as close to your enemy as possible, and immerse yourself in the gameplay. Many of these cheats sometimes provide too much information, which may even bother you. To do this, you should adjust the amount of information so that it does not interfere with you.
    You can customize all the settings perfectly only over time. To do this, you need to have some experience and get a lot of practice. 

    Also, many of them can provide information that is not very important. This is, for example, the name of your enemy, his health level, and even the weapon that he is currently using. But on the other hand, this information allows you to determine the most favorable conditions for optimal interaction of the game. 



    2D Radar Hack in game Call of Duty Vanguard

    Hacking the board and customizing it exactly the way you want is a huge advantage of yours during the game. One of the best is the fact that it can be configured almost indefinitely.  You can also change the color of the radar display, you can change the appearance of icons on the map of your enemies, and also change the colors of various scales that are displayed on the radar. 
    Radar hacks at first glance are very similar to ESP, well, because they have similar functions, they show you the position of your allies and your enemies, but the main difference is that radar cheats edit your radar, so it doesn't look like other opponents.  
    When using radar cheats, you can also change, edit and customize the display of your radar to create the perfect playing environment for you, so that it is even easier for you to defeat your opponents. 


    The main features of cheats in Call of Duty Vanguard.

    AIMBOT (speed, automatic sight, automatic shooting, full field of view, recoil control, smooth and sharp aiming, checking the firing trajectory, checking visibility, information about the distance from the enemy, and much more)

    ESP (opponent's name, distance to him, enemy health status, actual color and font Editing, firing trajectory, dead center, vehicle, explosives, throw weapons, etc.)

    Other (Frame-Per-Second Editing, draw time and resolution, moving menu, and moving radar)


    Why do I need to use cheats and hacks in Call of Duty Vanguard?

    Those players who use Aimbot in games, in particular shooters, like the feeling of attacking superiority. This doesn't just apply to a specific game. They like the feeling when they cheat and thus it gives them significant power and superiority over other players. And any gamer knows that the opportunity to get at least some advantage in the game is very important. Because sometimes it can decide the fate of a particular match. 
    In almost every game there are players who use hacks. No one will give you one specific answer to the question of why this is happening. By doing this, people try to compensate for their gaming shortcomings. Others simply try to become better than their opponents using different methods.  It's just that sometimes people plunge too much into the world of games, forgetting about real life. Some of them do not understand the fact that progress in games will not change their real life for the better.

    Why do people play games? There is also no single answer to this question. One of the reasons is just to take up your free time, the other is just to relax or relieve stress after a hard day's work.  Using hacks is an ideal option if you don't have much experience in the gaming industry, but you already want to compete with the strongest players around the world. And in order for the game to bring even more pleasure and pleasant emotions, you just need to use hacks. No one likes to lose. It's a fact. 

    There are some people who specifically use hacks in games in order to increase their capabilities in the game world. For those people who do not have gaming talents, using cheats in games is a way out of the situation. This allows them to be competitors for those players who have been playing for several years.  
    In the game Call of Duty Vanguard, you can use various hacks and cheats, this will allow you to deceive your opponents, and show your friends that you are really a pro player. If your friends consider themselves better players than you, then using hacks and cheats you can prove to them that you are the best!