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  • SmurfSofts Call of Duty Cold War Cheat


    Supported OS: WIN8 - WIN10 (64bit)

    Status: Undetected


    • Aimbot : Aimbot adjusting the sight to the enemy
    • WallHack 2D Boxes : Drops enemies in squares
    • WallHack Player : Displaying enemies through walls
    • WallHack Nickname : Displaying the name of enemies
    • WallHack Health : Displaying the Health of enemies
    • WallHack Distance : Displays the distance to the enemies
    • WallHack Lines : Displays lines to enemies
    • WallHack Settings : There is a customization of display colors!




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    Crooked Arm's Cheat Call of Duty Cold War


    A reliable private cheat for the Call of Duty - Cold Var series, from a reliable developer - Crooked Arms.

    The developers have proven themselves well, they have a very popular cheat for the Warzone game in their arsenal, I would not be surprised if many of you have already played with it and know what it is. Convenient functionality that is easily customizable. A simple start-up that even inexperienced users can handle. I note that after payment you will receive a detailed, thoroughly prescribed instructions for installing the software. Also, we provide free technical support, if necessary. Take advantage of online payment now and become the best in the popular Call of Duty Cold War game.


    Works on Windows: 10 x64

    Supported Builds: 1903,1909, 2004 and 20H2 How do I know the assembly? Press the key combination Win + R, insert the WINVER command into the field, and press Ok.

    Supported Processors: Intel / AMD





    2D Radar


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    Ring-1 Call of Duty Cold War Cheat




    System requirements:
    Intel processor from 2015 and higher (AMD is NOT SUPPORTED!)
    Windows 10 version 1903, 1909, 2004 and 20H2 (Win 7 and 8 are not supported!)
    Windowed game Mode





    No recoil

    No return

    Rapid fire

    Maphack (exclusive feature!)


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  • Black Ops Cold War Hacks Cheats with Aimbot, ESP / Wallhack and 2D Radar Hack. 


    Buy the best cheats and hacks for the uncertain Cold War 2020. 

  cheats are the best place to work with Cold War Black Ops hackers. You can buy our Cold War cheat with the highest level of security, ESP, sighting robot, 2D radar, all in one package.  All our services and products are listed in the product page links below. 


    Hacks for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War 


      Call of Duty is one of the most famous, popular and recognizable games in the world of gamers.  Not even gamers have heard about it, but ordinary amateurs who like to spend a few hours of their time in fierce battles.  Call of Duty games have been around for more than a decade and have revolutionized shooter games several times.  Black Ops Cold War is the 16th record in the series, and it is as fast, exciting and competitive as any other shooter in the gaming market. 

      Call of Duty like Black Ops Cold War also has an extensive multiplayer mode filled with fast and dangerous gameplay from the word "go".  Each multiplayer mode is an explosion of emotions and not only, but the competitive nature of the game only makes it more exciting and interesting.  We hope that Black Ops Cold War hackers as well as Warzone cheats add their emotions and experience and live up to your expectations.  Did we mention that we also have a rollback function?  Well, you will definitely be satisfied with our new full-featured features of both games. 


      Why do people use Black Ops Cold War cheats? 


      Cold War Black Ops players who want to achieve maximum success on the battlefield can take advantage of the use of hackers and cheats for their own purposes.  The game is inherently exciting competition, making multiplayer more intense even for those who just watch the game - not to mention more intense - for everyone involved.  Every competitive match is extreme and intense.  No matter how skilled gamers you are, it's impossible to come out on top every time you play multiplayer. 


      The simple truth of multiplayer games on the Internet is that no one can win every match which undoubtedly adds even more interest to the game among its players.  You can't always win and be a champion by playing a competitive game like Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.  However, using the right codes and cheats in Black Ops Cold War makes it easier for you to achieve this goal.  Our products and when can create heroes from scratch and give everyone a competitive advantage that would be so necessary to have in a fierce battle, necessary to win the game, as well as reduce the stress caused by long hours of play. 


       Of course, not all cheat codes are created equal; you only play best when you have the best cheats and when you already have some experience in this game. Average cheats and codes will not do you any good, as you will be quickly defeated and taken out by experienced players and people who use the best cheats in their game. That's why you need the best Black Ops Cold War cheats to come out on top among all the players playing against you. 


      Where to buy and download COD: Cold War Black Ops Hacks? 


      Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is one exciting all-round high-performance game, and we all agree with that.  Realistic military action, cool and exciting battles and incredible graphics make Call of Duty one of the loudest game franchises in the modern world, which is also here, which makes it just an exciting adventure.  The 16th issue of the Call of Duty franchise called "Cold War", of course, did not disappoint, but on the contrary pleased all his fans and is equipped with a brutal multiplayer mode that keeps gamers on the edge of their seats.  Overall, the game is simply addictive, however, playing it with cool Cold War hackers and added ESP just puts it on another level among its direct competitors! 


      What are the cheats of the Cold War and their features? 


      Cheats are a common trend in the gaming world, and they are also not a serious crime.

    That you should fear or somehow experience because of using them, in fact, if you play games as competitive as Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War cheats, you will find them useful when playing among the 150 players you will compete with, all hungry to win, really here, if you procrastinate, you lose.  Your chances of winning are usually very small, if you rely only on skills because you will be opposed by the best players in the world, some cheats and hacking attacks of the Cold War will definitely change and increase your chances of winning the game. 


      About Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Aimbot 


      Aimbot Black Ops Cold War is one of the features you will definitely need.  The Call of Duty sighting robot is designed to simply make your game easier and give you even more fun.  Here's what the Cold War Embot can do:


    This gives you the ability to instantly kill your enemy, so you kill enemies much faster and more than usual.

     This gives you a traffic forecast, forcing you to kill your sworn enemy even while driving.

     Cold War Sight Robot also gives you automatic switching, forcing you to move on to the next player after you're done with the previous one.

     It also directs you to human form without making you look like a bot, so you will never be blocked and this makes your cheats vague.

     It gives you visibility and penetration checks, which show whether you can hit the enemy and not hit him and whether his defense is permeable, that is, it helps you to look as much as possible a professional player.

     It also gives you the maximum distance, indicating to you whether the enemy is in the «firing zone» or not, that is, shows you whether you can shoot with a weapon and in certain circumstances to kill the enemy, he also gives you priority to hit the enemy.


     Cheats in Black Ops Cold War ESP and its features


     ESP from COD Cold War (short for Extra Sensory Perception) is another hack that you definitely need to have in your arsenal, and it is a tool that makes many actions in the game much more interesting and believable. If you choose the best hackers of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, they will have quite instrumental and multifunctional actions that will help you win this or that fierce game. Here are some common lists of Cold War hackers that you can find here:


     You can see anywhere on the map of your opponent


     Recognize the names of all players on the map, and this makes it easier to chase people and neutralize them.

     You can check the distance at which other players, your enemies, are far or close to you using the ESP distance

     You can see the names of nearby items and artifacts, so you can pick up the ones you need and leave the ones you don't want without any problems through ESP items. This makes it easier for you to find explosives, weapons and resources, as well as boxes for supplies.

     Find all other players and your enemies with BB ESP, which puts boxes on players, so you can easily spot them along with their names, distance and even health.

     ESP is one of the most important parts of the Cold War hacks. This will allow you to see all the other gamers through the war, and this is a must if you want to put together effective strategies for your best game and your victory. It also comes in handy when enemies try to use an element of surprise on you, you can intercept their plans, anticipate their actions as a result of evading them; you will never suffer from the elements of surprise.


     Black Ops Cold War ESP and Wallhack hackers


     We store a wide selection of ESP hackers and codes that you can activate at the right time for you by playing Black Ops Cold War. These options give you a clear advantage over opponents and enemies. ESP codes provide you with all available information about the environment and other players in the game, as well as the location of the weapon. Knowing is still half the game.


     For example, deceiving the ESP from the Cold War can tell you how far your opponent is. Other hacks allow you to see the ID and name of the player or the health of another player. This means nothing about the deception of the wall, which allows you to see through the mounts and walls and see where the enemy is hiding. You will never be surprised again with X-ray vision on your side.


     COD: Black Ops Cold War Radar Hack


     Cold War Radar is an important navigation tool that every player who aims to be the best should have if you play Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for a number of reasons, including the fact that it offers:


     Radar hacker allows you to see the exact position of your enemy in the red dots on the entire playing card, which will be your great advantage. So, it helps to decide how to fight and with which enemy to solve the benefit that you would not have.

     Radar hacking is also mobile, so you can also see the enemy in places that are far from where you are at the moment. This way the game becomes much easier and simpler for you.


     Additional features in hacker attacks: removal of recoil, fog, smoke and other elements.

     Another handy Black Ops hacker Call of Duty Black Ops, which is very convenient, is fraud to design the game area. This will eliminate all damage and damage created in battle to provide you with maximum visibility and clear maneuverability, which will be your significant advantage. This will clear all the fog, smoke and recoil and other elements created in the game, so you will not suffer at all.


    The best cheat and hacks of the Cold War Black Ops in the gaming industry


    You won't be able to find useful cheats and codes like these when looking for Cold War hackers. We have the best cheats, improvements that will help you win and gain an advantage in the competition, only here at Rulezzgame cheats. The great thing about all these Black Ops Cold War cheats is that they can't be detected, so no one will be able to reveal you. We know that players are worried that they will be blocked for fraud, as a result they will lose their account. There is nothing to worry about. You will destroy the opponent and win every game you play without worrying about detecting anti-scammers. This is our promise to you. We guarantee that for at least a few seasons of this game you will not have problems with your exposure. The worst thing that can happen is a shadow-ban, but it's not scary because it will pass by itself in a few days, because it's not a real ban and doesn't last long.