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    • Collapse DayZ Cheat with Aimbot, ESP Visuals, Silent Aim, Always Day and more




      Game Version: Steam last
      Supported OS only x64: Windows 10 (1809-last), 11
      Supported processors: Intel, AMD
      Supported Modes: Borderless (Безрамочный)
      Bypass OBS: Yes
      Anticheat: EAC
      Inbuilt HWID Spoofer: No




      DayZ Collapse Hack Features



      Survivior - Show Survivors
      Zombie - Show zombies
      Box - Show boxes on players
      Nickname - Display the player's nickname
      Weapon - Displays the weapon in the hands of the players
      Skeleton - Display player skeleton
      Distance - Display the distance of the current ESP block
      ESP distance (0-400) - Selection of the backlight distance of the current ESP block

      Corpse - Turn on the illumination of corpses
      Distance - Display the distance of the current ESP block
      ESP distance (0-400) - Selection of the backlight distance of the current ESP block

      Active - Enable loot on the map
      Clothes - Display clothes (color selection)
      Magazine - Store display (colour selection)
      Weapon - Display weapons (color selection)
      Medicines - Display of medicines (color selection)
      Food - Food display (color selection)
      Stash - Stash (color choice) in the cheat they are written as loot
      Other - Display the rest of the loot (color selection)
      Distance - Distance display
      Distance - Display the distance of the current ESP block
      ESP distance (0-400) - Selection of the backlight distance of the current ESP block

      Cars - Turn on car lights
      Distance - Distance display
      Distance - Display the distance of the current ESP block
      ESP distance (0-400) - Selection of the backlight distance of the current ESP block

      Animals - Turn on the highlight of animals
      Distance - Distance display
      Distance - Display the distance of the current ESP block
      ESP distance (0-400) - Selection of the backlight distance of the current ESP block

      [SILENT AIM]
      Active - Enable this block
      Aimbot key - Select the aimbot activation button
      FOV (modification slider) - Aimbot aiming radius
      Max Distance (modification slider) - Distance of the aimbot

      Draw Fov - Show the radius of the pickup
      Draw Crosshair - Crosshair in the center of the screen
      Draw Aim Target - Display the current target of the aimbot
      Always day - Always day


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    • Private cheat for DayZ Standalone Pirate

      Cheat DayZ for pirate servers 1.13. - 1.14. - 1.15.xxxxx! with BattleYe anticheat


      Game version: DayZ-1.13. - 1.14. - 1.15.xxxxx!
      Supported OS: Windows (x64 only): 10 (1903/1909/2004 / 20H2 / 21H1 / 21H2)
      Supported CPU: Intel / AMD
      Game mode: Works only in windowed mode
      Supported anti-cheats: BattlEye (BE)
      Invisibility while recording video (OBS Bypass): Supports any program (except shadowplay), including recording and streaming the entire screen.
      Status: Undetected






      DayZ Pirate Cheat Features

      - Player: display players
      - PlayerInfo: Display all information about the player
      - Info HotKey: Button to display information about the player
      - Zombie: Display zombies
      - Animal: Display Animals
      - Veh: Display technique
      - Crosshair: Display a crosshair in the center of the screen

      - Draw Loot: Display loot
      - Dead Player: Display the corpses of people
      - Dead Animal: Display animal corpses
      - Dead Zombie: Display zombie corpses
      - Weapon: Display weapon
      - Backpack: Display backpacks
      - Clothes: Display clothes
      - Food: Display food
      - Container: Display containers
      - Veh: Display items needed for transport
      - Medicine: Display medicine
      - Loot HotKey: Change the button for displaying loot
      - Max Dist: Change the distance for loot

      - Menu the "F6" or "Home" key: The menu is called by the "F6" or "Home" key
      - Panic key for all cheat "END" key: To turn off the entire cheat, press the "END" key


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    • BTG DayZ Hack


      Software from BTG (Break The Game) developers for DayZ


      After payment you will receive:
      Product download link
      Activation key for the selected period.
      Free support for the duration of the product subscription.





      Built-in HWID spoofer:

      Anti cheat:

      Bypass recording in OBS:

      Supported game modes:
      Window, Frameless

      Supported processors:
      Intel and AMD

      Supported systems:
      Windows 10 2004+



      DayZ BTG Cheat Features

      Player Skeleton
      Player Boxes
      Player Lines
      Player Name&Dist

      Zombie Skeleton
      Zombie Boxes
      Zombie Lines
      Dead Zombie
      Dead Player
      Draw Distance

      Aim Bot
      Aim Bot Bone
      Aim Bot Button
      FOV Size
      Draw FOV

      Items Stettings [ESP]
      [Loot] Clothing
      [Loot] Magazines
      [Loot] Weapon
      [Loot] Medicines
      [Loot] Food
      [Loot] Cras
      [Loot] Animals
      [Loot] Other
      Draw Distance


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    • Cheat DAYZ SHACK buy at a bargain price - Rulezzgame

      We offer to buy a private cheat for DAYZ SHACK on our Rulezzgame website, we only have working cheats, no viruses, no ban.





      Included spoofer:




      Stream Bypass:


      Supported game modes:

      Windowed, Borderless and Fullscreen

      Supported CPU:

      Intel & AMD

      Supported OC:

      Windows 10 (2004,20H2,21H1)






      2D Boxes



      Holding object

      Maximum distance




      2D box zombies

      Skeleton Zombies





      Life kits




      Player builds






      Zombies maximum distance

      food maximum distance

      Containers maximum distance

      Player Buildings Maximum Distance






      ESP font size

      Bold font option.

      Speed modifier

      Unlocking all DLC




      FOV Size

      Silent Aim

      Target Player

      Target Zombie

      Aimbot Key

      Aimbot Bone

      Maximum Distance.



      Support for all screen models

      Support changing game resolution without having to restart the game.


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    • Dayz Hacks - Aimbot, ESP/Wallhack, Radar Hack and many more.


    Below is detailed information about each of them.


    Dayz ESP.

    In DayZ, ESP is the main option where the player needs to run around and get familiar with game items. With our DayZ hacks, you get rid of the need to search for a separate house, and immediately destroy the enemy, taking away his stock of valuable items.


    Dayz Horizon cheat








    Purchase Horizon Dayz Cheat with instant hack loader and license key access




    Ring-1 Dayz Cheat with Aimbot, ESP and misc


    In DayZ aimbot.

    There are, among the hacks we offer, those that are endowed with the aimbot function, which contributes to one hundred percent hitting the target. The advantage is that in the eyes of the administrator, it is quite legitimate because we take care of this first. Its use instantly detects bases and kills players with a huge supply of loot on private servers.


    DayZ NM Cheat


    Standalone Dayz hacks.

    Our offline DayZ hacks are the most secure on the market because they immediately eliminate any sign of incapacity. Therefore, each of the cheats produced by us is guaranteed to be protected by the presence of two versions of it that can be automatically launched. In addition, we have a round-the-clock support system, which proves that we are ready to help you in any difficult situation.

    Also, our main mission is to preserve the accumulated experience for the invention of new tools, the cost of which is quite acceptable, if we take into account all that we offer.


    DayZ Cheats — what is it?

    Fraud in DayZ acts as fiction, and not because of the advantages provided, but also because of the feeling when you kill an enemy in the game. If you compare it with other games, DayZ hacks is a game where users spend a lot of time to develop their character. Therefore, when destroying an enemy, he will be furious, as he had to go through a lot to achieve this status.


    Why you should apply it to

    First, thanks to the support that few competitors can provide. In addition, we offer the best product, because we are working hard to improve each of the tools produced for the game. And, when we notice that the user has refused our services, moving to competitors, we immediately begin to analyze the cheats to figure out what the point is.


    Why are DayZ hacks and cheats so important?

    If you want to test your personal strategic skills, you are offered the opportunity to perform all these tasks using the game stages of DayZ. In order to fight the outbreak of the disease, an interactive game-like Bohemia, you will need to do everything possible to achieve the goal. The goal is to destroy opponents while fearing to stay alive.


    Also, important is the fact that even despite all your efforts and efforts, there is a player who has various hacks and cheats DayZ and destroys you with all your supplies. Thus, in order to achieve such advantages as your opponent, it is recommended to purchase DayZ cheats and hacks.


    We, like no other similar suppliers, are ready to provide you with such cheats as Call of Duty Warzone cheats with ESP, Modern Warfare cheats with ESP, Valiant cheats with ESP and this is not the whole list.


    Standalone DayZ Hacks.

    When a player uses a hack or cheat, the first thing they fear is their safety. This is quite reasonable since it is not very reasonable to use unsafe DayZ hacks, which create risks of getting banned from the game.


    It is in such situations that our offline DayZ hacks are always ready to help. In addition to full security, we also guarantee a full analysis of any hack that is detected by the administrator, but this practice does not happen.


    Why DayZ has an aimbot.

    Aimbots have gained considerable popularity today, despite the abundance of analogs. A DayZ aimbot helps to destroy the enemy even with a visual sight and achieve results while remaining completely invisible. Several of the DayZ hacks we offer have the aimbots feature, which allows you to perform easy kills.




    Why in DayZ ESP.

    ESP or wallhack help users in many ways. First, the player is able to see the houses where valuable items are hidden. Without them, it is much more difficult to achieve this, because it would take time to search for several such premises to prepare. In addition, this option detects enemies who are carefully hiding in houses, which helps you plan your next steps in advance. This is the main advantage of using DayZ ESP.


    Undetected DayZ Hacks.

    We carefully check all manufactured tools to make sure that they are completely hidden, as well as to remain unnoticed for as long as possible. In addition, the user can always check the current status of any particular hack on our site before receiving it.


    What proves that we are the best at choosing DayZ hacks?

    Despite the huge number of suppliers, we, like no other, provide each client with round-the-clock support. Such services are offered even after purchasing the services we offer because we continue to stay in touch, solving all your possible problems.

    In addition, we send warning signals when a hack is detected or eliminated. We aim to turn your gaming experience in the full development of the front of your enemies!