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  • Citadel Private Dead By Daylight Cheat


    Citadel Private Dead By Daylight Cheat With ESP wallhack and misc



    - Bounding Box
    - 2D Line
    - Name
    - Distance
    - Health
    - Head Dot
    - Dot Size
    - Show Survivor
    - Show Killer
    - Vis Check
    - Limit Distance

    - Show Generator
    - Show Meat Hook
    - Show Locker
    - Show Traps
    - Show Toolbox
    - Show Escape Door
    - Show Totem
    - Limit Distance

    - Crosshair
    - Custom ESP Colors
    - Draw FPS, Time, Resolution


    AntiCheat - EAC Undetected

    3 Days for $17
    1 Week for $35
    1 Month for $55

  • Dead By Daylight Cheats and Hacks with ESP Wallhack


    Softhub DBD Dead by Daylight Cheat with ESP and more


    The ability to rise from the first rank in Dead By Daylight, using cheat functions that help to review the exact location of the killer or other survivors. Now you can easily track your opponents, as well as consistently evade the killer as a survivor, with the goal of winning match after match and earning experience faster than before.


    We have developed the DBD software, which is able to provide the player with the maximum advantage in the game. We are well aware that players are constantly searching for cheats for DBD. Based on this, you can be sure that you will dominate all the matches you have played with the default hacking settings as soon as you download the software.


    Hacking in Dead By Daylight


    Softhub DBD Undetected and Updated cheat


    Periodically, each player encounters a killer who seems to be aware of his exact location every time, or the survivors are well aware of when you intend to catch them.


    Hackers in Dead By Daylight have a huge advantage, as they are able to accurately see the location of the other players, respectively, you will have a great opportunity to win the match without obstacles, rise to a higher rank, with further unlocking perks, after each victory.


    Rules for using DBD cheats


    As soon as you create a Rulezzgame account and subscribe to our Dead By Daylight subscription, you will have the opportunity to download the Rulezzgame cheat client, which simplifies secure downloads of cheat programs.



    The cheat client loads the latest and most secure version of the software into the game. In our guide, which was compiled directly for subscribers, there is a detailed description of each of the steps to load cheats into the game (it all takes no more than 4-5 seconds). As soon as the download is complete, you can start setting up the cheat using the game menu, which is controlled by the mouse, which makes it easier to create the perfect configuration. 


    In the event that the cheat stops working during the game update, we are ready to update the code immediately for your successful return to the game. You can also contact our support forum at any time if you encounter any problems, and our staff will always answer any questions you have.


    With Rulezzgame, you no longer need to have complex configuration files to edit or hack games. We create an easy and simple gameplay!


    Don't miss the chance to take advantage of Survivor ESP for Dead by Daylight


    After purchasing the product, you can hunt down all the survivors on the map as assassins faster than before. Thanks to Survivor ESP, you will be able to observe the exact location of the survivors, so you no longer have to wait until one of them misses a button hint on the generator or flocks of birds are alarmed. With Survivor ESP, the other player will lose the opportunity to escape, because you will now be given the ability to view their exact position on the map. With Name ESP and Health ESP, you will successfully and easily track a specific target or pursue weakened survivors, with the goal of instantly withdrawing them from the match.


    Most players will be left in a daze after you find them instantly, no matter where they are hiding, and ESP will minimize their chances of evading you. The decision is yours: whether you want to make a fool of yourself or hunt them down wherever they go.


    Stay alive with 'Killer' ESP in DBD with hacks


    Now you will regularly monitor the location of the killers and evade them as a survivor with Killer ESP. You will easily perform tasks, because you will always have information about whether the killer is tracking you and where he is on the map. Use this awareness of the map to find chests on it, as well as other important goals, discarding all fears that you will be caught. Using these features, you can lead your team to victory, including increasing its rank step by step.


    Our Killer ESP gives you the ability to not rely on game hints to track the location of the killer, which gives you the added agility to instantly respond to their movements. This makes it even easier to save teammates if they are suddenly on the hook, and also helps to keep teammates in the game, with the goal of instantly turning on the generators.


    2D on-screen Radar feature in cheat for DBD


    Make sure that your indicator on the screen is always on thanks to the use of 2D radar. The radar is configured in a variety of ways so that it has the exact size you need, as well as being as unobtrusive as you would like. Thanks to this feature, you can easily track the location of other players, regardless of whether you are looking at them or not. You can use this example: you have to hide from the killer, and now you can determine whether he is running behind your back or lost sight of you at all.


    In case you have to play as a killer, you can use a 2D radar to track the status of the player you have hooked, while you are tracking another survivor. You will also determine when another survivor will be unhooked from this player, and you can use this information to your advantage during the game.


    What is so special about using ESP cheats in Dead By Daylight?


    Take for example, because there is no faster way to level up your survivors or assassins, as well as unlock more blood than using cheats. Thanks to the listed functions, you will have the opportunity to perform more tasks in all the matches played and either easily escape as a survivor, or kill. This way, you will get a larger portion of experience and less time, which is required for aimless running around the map or the death of a survivor before the end of the match.


    Based on how much more intensively you will use cheats, you will see the movements of other players, and in addition you will observe the movement of players on the map, gaining a great chance to become better over time. Such listed features act as the main advantage of using cheats, because despite the fact that you get significant help from the functions, you also learn more in the gameplay.


    Using these cheat functions, you can transform from a beginner in DBD to a professional player, while not spending much time to learn all the cards and game characters. Intensive use of ESP and winning matches, in addition, will bring you more blood points, which indicates an instant increase in the level of your characters, in order to be competitive with other players who have spent more than one hundred hours on the game.


    And to top it off, you have to decide whether hacking DBD will take away too much of the fun of the game. However, there is also good news, which is that you do not have to use cheats regularly, as they can be disabled whenever you want. You can also customize features or use only certain features, such as radar, or reduce the distance at which the ESP appears in order to track the location of other characters. Therefore, you can significantly change the «difficulty» on the go and customize the gameplay to get the most fun!


    Summing up about Dead by Daylight cheating


    You will have the opportunity to rapidly rise in the ranking, increasing the level of your survivors and killers, using our software, which changes the rules of the game, including the functions of ESP and Radar. And then, as if it doesn't matter whether you want to remain a survivor or track the rest of the participants like a killer, the rest of the players will always be in your field of view, thanks to our full-featured ESP and radar. Start dominating as soon as you download the hacking feature. Don't miss the opportunity to access these powerful features right now!