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  • Dota 2 Cheats, Hacks and Scripts


    In Dota 2, there are still various variations of cheats, such as: scripts, hacking, auto-casting, and many similar things. What are these cheats? Read this article to learn all the details of this topic.


    Dota 2 Scripts: Problems mature with the arrival of growth


    As a rule, the growth of esports is gaining considerable momentum, and this is happening steadily. However, what can serve as a big stumbling block for e-sports? Just like any other computer that functions on a computer, each game has its own bugs and cheats.


    Despite the fact that Dota 2 had a good almost 10-year period in esports, it still had a number of some problems. Without taking into account the toxicity to the community, as well as the occasional glitch in the game, the process of creating scenarios with vulnerabilities is a headache for game developers.


    Scripting acts as the most common cheat in Dota 2. Its functionality is implemented through a long chain of Dota 2 commands and scripts, based on the functions of the console in Dota 2. The purpose of the console function in Dota 2 is to assist players in the process of obtaining information, as well as setting up their own gameplay.


    However, cheaters and scriptwriters use these tools to their advantage in order to create their own version of the cheats. Then the attackers implement the tools on their websites, bringing them good profits illegally.


    Try typing in the Google search engine «Dota 2 scenario», and you will instantly open more than 4,100,000 results. In addition, a huge number of them are posted on various websites. YouTube will not be an exception, where various videos are posted that demonstrate every kind of scammers and abusers.


    And yet, what is the Dota 2 cheat / script?


    If you speak in other words, then with the help of the cheat, you gain absurd advantages, through which you can automatically perform actions in the game. The variety of cheats in Dota 2 is quite huge, starting with automatic applications of various items, combo skills, last hit / fail, up to auto-blocking creeps and hacking the map, including getting an overview in the fog of war.


    Auto last hit / bounce


    The Dota 2 scenario calculates the positions of the enemy damage output. When performing mathematical calculations, the script makes an «optimized» decision about when to perform the final strike, as well as when to reject it.


    As a rule, such actions are carried out by us through our own «instinct», using the method of trial and error. However, in order to master the art of the last blow and denial, you often have to spend more than one year. Today, cheaters are given a great opportunity to do all this without much difficulty, using a simple script activation to apply it all with amazing accuracy.


    Automatic sliding and locking options


    The Dota 2 scenario provides an impressive number of commands to move the hero, including repositioning the hero just before the creeps. This contributes to a significant reduction in the speed of the creep wave, giving them the possibility of a high position in the middle band. However, it also requires many years of experience to succeed, because this is nothing more than a high-level skill in Dota 2.


    Items and their automatic application


    This tool really has a certain trick. Dota 2 items do not have a speaking time, because they are instantly activated with a single mouse click. Eul's Scepter of Divinity and Scythe of Vyse act as the two scripted items that are most often abused by players. They are able to instantly disable the enemy during use, giving a ridiculous advantage to the users of the scenario, because surprise is an important factor in Dota 2. This is inherent in the fact that scenarios open up the «ultra-instincts» of one player to react with «inhuman» speed.


    This is actually a common occurrence among script users, and often there are many complaints about such terrible actions.


    In addition, there is also another item that abuses players, we are talking about the Soul Ring, which provides mana at the expense of health. Scenarios often give players an advantage by discarding all items that increase their mana before using the Soul Ring, and then raising them to gain more mana. This trick is already very common in Dota, when the maximum mana reserve is reduced before using the Soul Ring, in order to gain the best value of the item.


    We suggest considering this example: you have 600/1000 mana, including all equipped items, which totals 60 percent of your total mana. Next, you start to reset your own Arcane Boots, which reduce your total mana by 250. So, at the moment, your mana is 450/750, and it's still the same 60 percent. Next, you need to use the soul ring to restore 150 mana in your storage, which is 600/750, 80 percent of your mana reserve. Now you should pick up your Wizard Boots, and in the end you have 80 percent of your mana reserve, 800/1000 compared to 600 + 150 = 750 out of 1000.


    Thus, you can get an additional 50 mana units, and they can be applied with just a few clicks. However, if we consider a real game in which everything is chaotic, this trick is often neglected by players because of its complexity. This application requires players to be dexterous and precise in their hand movements. However, this skill is «provided» to script users with a few mouse clicks, which will take no more than a tenth of a second.


    Automatic combo skills / Caste skill


    As a rule, the most colorful example of such a scenario is Skywrath Mage. He has a good combination of skills, which deals «sky-high» magic damage to the enemy, without requiring a lot of time and skills. Dota 2 scenarios are often used simultaneously with the automatic item. Often, the look of the Combo is something like this: initially, you should use the Rod of Atos, in order to immobilize the target. Then, after increasing the magic damage, the Ancient Seal will follow. After that, the victim is thrown tons of skills under the guise of a Magical arrow, a Concussive shot, a Mysterious flash. With the help of Combos, huge damage is dealt within 1-2 seconds. The bottom line is that almost all of these skills and items are used at the same time, so there is no room for error.


    Also, an additional infamous example of autocombo / caste skills is Arc Warden, who is a hero who became famous for his high level of micromanagement. His ult, Tempest Double, creates an exact clone of himself, with abilities and items similar to one real hero. This is something like two heroes in one player, dealing a lot of damage, but requiring high levels of skill.


    To top it off, Arc Warden is a fast — farming hero who very instantly gains a number of useful items, including Scythe of Vyse or Bloodthorn. Using Dota 2 Tempest Double scenarios in a single-player game, the player is able to single-handedly hit any opponent, regardless of the presence of their own skill sets.


    In addition, there is such an abusive hero as Techies. Which gained its popularity due to its invisible bombs that can cause a lot of damage. Nevertheless, what will be enough, and what is not enough to destroy one hero? With the help of scripts, you can do all this without difficulty, and almost instantly. In addition, this does not require viewing the entire map to do something, when passing an enemy hero near a cluster of bombs, the script will detonate exactly the number of bombs required to destroy this hero.


    Dota 2 Maphack / wallhack cheat


    This cheat is the most serious exploit in the game. With Maphack, you can easily explore the entire map. You will see the location of all the enemies, as well as the ward on the map. Which makes the game completely unbalanced. The most famous example is invoker. With the «Sunstroke» function, it is able to deal damage to any unit, doing all this in any territory on the map. Any heroes with low health will be instantly hit by the sun.


    Moreover, thanks to hacking the map, you can find out the location of the wards, as well as where the heroes are located. Which is quite beneficial for each user, since not a single object will escape their eyes.


    Dota 2 Scripts: What will the future hold for players using cheats?


    The strange thing about cheating is that it is still very popular today in Dota 2. Valve has not yet been able to come up with any long-term solution to prevent scenarios, including cheating behavior, in the game. At the moment, they use only a temporary solution, which blocks explicit cheaters in manual mode.


    The big plus is that the vast majority of cheats are located on the servers where the Russians play. What is very natural, so the Russians are famous for their commitment to cheating, which they try to apply almost everywhere and on everything. In addition, the cost of the script and the cheat tool for Dota 2 is very impressive, which does not allow Dota 2 players to spoil their game.