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  • Follow this guide to make your hack working in case of any troubles


    1. To run any hack you need to remove any custom Anti-Virus program and disable your Default Windows Defender fully (its always ON by default). You can do it in 1 click with this tool 
    or by following this video guides


    2. Install all latest windows updates from update center. (make sure you are running correct windows version).
    To check the build, press "windows key + R" and type "winver". Compare it to your your hack's supported version. Usually its 1903 - 1909 - 2004 versions
    If your version is outdated or Windows Edition is not Professional you can update your Windows to the latest version (20H2 Pro currently) with keeping all files.
    Download update tool


    3. Delete Valorant game, Vanguard, Face-it, ESEA or any other anti-virus programs with all related to it files, also remove any virtual drivers or WM related programs (WMvare, virtual machines etc.)



    Private hack still not working?
    Authorize on via your email and open purchases list, describe your problem in detail in the chat with seller so we can quickly help you.




    We have developed special instructions for launching and installing private programs. In order to completely simplify the process of optimizing your PC for you before playing with private cheats, we combined all the programs in one archive, and also recorded video demonstrations.

    Download this archive with 100% success installation scripts
    It is universal, because it is suitable for every cheat.
    We have identified three main problems that may bother you and found the best solution to resolve them.

    First step:

    For the full operation of the programs you need to remove the antivirus and disable the protective services. Often, defenders interfere with the operation of the program, blocking any connection between the cheat and the server.

    For the most part, anti-virus programs need to be deleted, because simply shutting down does not give results, because antiviruses continue to work in the background process. It’s also very important that you have Faceit removed

     received the latest information that it is anti-cheat from the Valorant game - it can also block the operation of our programs on your PC. It works in the background, even if you turn it off.



    Not enough of any components. This problem is solved by running the simplest program All in One Runtimes, which automatically identifies the missing utilities on your computer and installs them yourself. In my opinion, it is really very convenient and optimizes the process. Containing the .NET Framework (including hotfixes), DirectX 9.0c, Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight, Shockwave Player, Java Runtime Environment, Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtimes and Microsoft Visual J # SE. After starting, the program will automatically determine the required component updates. A countdown timer starts, which you can pause to select only the components you need.



    Often your computer is clogged with various programs that somehow interacted with the registry, leaving behind some changes. All this leads to the fact that other programs may not work correctly. For this, we recommend using CCleaner.

    Once again, be sure to download the archive from the link below and follow the instructions from the video. These are really relevant programs that will help you install any cheat.


    Download and install required frameworks

    Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 - 2017

    DirectX 12

    Microsoft Net. Framework 4.7.1