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  • Akrien Minecraft Cheat with Killaura, ESP, Speedhack, Fly hack, No clip and more


    Akrien - HVH / LEGIT Cheat for Minecraft

    with working undetected bypass for all currently popular servers SunRise, WellMore, MST, JetMine and others

    Has everything you need for a comfortable gameplay


    Minecraft Akrien Cheat includes many new features:

    • Frequent updates (we add what users require of us)
    • More detours (killaura bypasses more servers, breaks shields, there are 1.8 hits, unique speeds for matrix and much more)
    • Binds for commands (.macros)
    • Customization of the view (colors, positions, size)
    • Cloaks / Skins / Models / Dances (visible to other users)
    • In-game messenger for users
    • Highlighting against the background of regular users (premium icon)

    And many more that are planned to be added in the near future!



    Buy Akrien Minecraft Cheat with instant access



  • Review of the best Minecraft Hacks in 2020


    As many followers of the game Minecraft know, it has had to endure several updates over the years. Consequently, since the first days of its release, there have been many incidents. A similar fate befell Minecraft hacks: with the gradual release of all versions, they changed, as did the hacked clients themselves. In this article, we have studied and provided the best Minecraft hacks in 2020, and also included in this list the best hacked clients, cheats and modified clients for Minecraft. At the time when this article was written, the current version of Minecraft was 1.15.2. It follows that we have added those hacks that work for 1.15. x (1.15.2), including clients that support older versions, such as 1.14.4, as well as a number of newer snapshots.


    It should be emphasized that both in single-player and online multiplayer mode on different Minecraft servers, these hacks are working, namely: MinePlex, Minecraft Realms, etc. However, in addition to all this, players must know the rules of the server, because the vast majority of servers do not allow the use of hacked clients or mods and, thus, you can get banned for using them. All this is based on the nature of the clients, which can give players an unfair advantage over the rest of the users.


    As a rule, most of the hacks have hundreds of mods that can satisfy the most demanding griefers and hackers. They have a very easy-to-use menu, and they are very easy and simple to install. Each player can download and use them for free, but among the mods there are those that are updated to the premium class, in order to gain access to even more features.


    Let's get down to a more detailed review of the hacks we've collected for Minecraft. We also want to inform you that with time and the appearance of new clients, we will regularly add new hacks to this list. Therefore, in order not to miss important information about new updates, we recommend that you add the page to your bookmarks and go back in the future.


    1. Wurst Minecraft Hack


    Download Wurst Minecraft Hack for Minecraft 1.15.2 -


    Under number one in our list is the Wurst client. I want to emphasize right away that the hacked client we mentioned is very well-supported, and every time a new version of Minecraft is released, it is quickly updated to match the update. In addition, it has many features that work with a number of the most popular operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux), it is easy to install and use. But the biggest advantage is that Wurst is completely free to download for future use. In addition, its source code is available even on GitHub.


    Full list of hacks in Minecraft Wurst:

    • Anti AFK
    • Anti Blind
    • Anti Cactus
    • Anti Knockback
    • Anti Water Push
    • Anti Wobble
    • Auto Armor
    • Auto Eat
    • Auto Build
    • Auto Leave
    • Auto Mine
    • Auto Potion
    • Auto Reconnect
    • Auto Respawn
    • Auto Sign
    • Auto Soup
    • Anti Spam
    • Auto word
    • Auto Drop
    • Auto Farm
    • Auto Fish
    • Auto Sprint
    • Auto Steal
    • Auto Swim
    • Auto Switch
    • Auto Tool
    • Auto Walk
    • Base Finder
    • Blink
    • Boat Fly
    • Bonemeal Aura
    • Bow Aimbot
    • Build Random
    • Bunny Hop
    • Camera No Clip
    • Cave Finder
    • Click Aura
    • Chest ESP
    • Crash Chest
    • Criticals
    • Derp
    • Dolphin
    • Excavator
    • Extra Elytra
    • Fancy Chat
    • Fast Ladder
    • Fast Break
    • Fast Place
    • Fight Bot
    • Fish
    • Flight
    • Follow
    • Force OP
    • Freecam
    • Fullbright
    • Glide
    • Hand No Clip
    • Head Roll
    • Health Tags
    • High Jump
    • Infini Chat
    • Instant Bunker
    • Item ESP
    • Item Generator
    • Jesus
    • Jetpack
    • Kaboom
    • Killaura
    • Killaura Legit
    • Kill Potion
    • Liquids
    • LSD
    • Mass TPA
    • Mob ESP
    • Mob Spawn ESP
    • Multi Aura
    • Name Protect
    • Name Tags
    • No Clip
    • No Fire Overlay
    • No Fall
    • No Hurtcam
    • No Overlay
    • No Pumpkin
    • No Slowdown
    • No Weather
    • NoWeb
    • Nuker
    • Nuker Legit
    • Overlay
    • Panic
    • Parkour
    • Player ESP
    • Player Finder
    • Potion Saver
    • Prophunt ESP
    • Protect
    • Radar
    • Rainbow UI
    • Reach
    • Remote View
    • Safe Walk
    • Scaffold Walk
    • Search
    • Server Crasher
    • Skin Derp
    • Sneak
    • Speed Hack
    • Speed Nuker
    • Spider
    • Step
    • Throw
    • Timer
    • Tired
    • TooManyHax
    • TP-Aura
    • Trajectories
    • Trigger Bot
    • Troll Potion
    • True Sight
    • Tunneller
    • X-Ray

    The download is available at the end of the article.


    2. Aristois Minecraft Hack


    Aristois - Minecraft hack 1.12.2-1.16.1 (Minecraft > Cheats)


    Such a type of hacking as Aristois among users is very authoritative, moreover, it is a kind of «all-in-one» mod for Minecraft. Whether everything is really so colorful, everyone should decide for themselves. Similar to the client described above, Aristois also lends itself to regular updates, working with Minecraft 1.15. x, including 1.15.2, and also has numerous features. However, its biggest advantage is that it supports and performs work in Minecraft Realms.


    Similar to the case concerning Wurst, the Aristois client is also endowed with open source code. It will also not be difficult to install with further free use, moreover, this client has a very small file size.


    List of features and mods in Aristois

    • Active-Mods – Displays your active mods on the screen.
    • Annoy – Repeats messages sent by another player.
    • AntiAFK – Walks around randomly to prevent you from being kicked.
    • AntiBlind – Removes effects such as nausea.
    • AntiFire – Prevent damage from fire. requires full hunger bar.
    • AntiKnockback – Prevents knockback from other players and explosions.
    • AntiSlipperiness – Removes slipperiness effect from blocks like ice.
    • AntiSlowdown – Prevents slowdown on soul-sand, webs and eating/using a bow.
    • AutoArmor – Automatically puts on the best armor.
    • ArmorHud – Draws your current armor above your Hotbar.
    • Auto-Disconnect – Automatically leaves a server when your health is low.
    • Auto-Eat – Automatically eats when you’re hungry.
    • Auto-Eject – Automatically throws out blocks you don’t want.
    • Auto-Fish – Automatically fishes.
    • Auto-Mine – Automatically mine the block you are looking at.
    • Auto-Parkour – Automatically jump at the edge of blocks.
    • Auto-Reconnect – Automatically reconnects you to a server if you are disconnected.
    • Auto-Respawn – Automatically respawn after dying.
    • Auto-Sign – Automatically puts text on a sign you place.
    • Auto-Sneak – Always sneak.
    • Auto-Soup – Automatically eats soup.
    • Auto-Splashpot – Automatically uses splash potions under you.
    • Auto-Sprint – Always sprint.
    • Auto-Steal – Automatically steals all content in chests.
    • Auto-Tool – Automatically picks the best tool when you break a block and weapon when you hit an entity.
    • Auto-Totem – Automatically use a totem of undying when falling/dying in PVP.
    • Auto-Walk – Walks for you automatically.
    • Automatic-Bow – Hold your right mouse button to automatically fire arrows with a bow.
    • Better-Nametags – Better nametags for players.
    • BHop – Makes you jump with increased speed while walking.
    • Blink – Allows you to “teleport” up to 10 blocks.
    • BlockESP – Draws an outline around selected blocks.
    • BoatFly – Allows you to fly in boats.
    • BowAimbot – Automatically aims your bow at nearby entities.
    • Breadcrumbs – Leaves a trail after you when you walk.
    • Bunny-Jump – Allows you to jump higher.
    • Chat-Mute – Mutes the in-game Minecraft chat.
    • Chat-Spammer – Spams a message of your choice.
    • ChestESP – Draws an outline of all chests near you.
    • Chest-Tracer – Draws a line to chests near you.
    • Criticals – Criticals on every hit.
    • Derp – Makes you derp around.
    • Dinnerbone – Turns you upsidedown, client-side only.
    • Extra-Elytra – Fly for an unlimited time with elytra.
    • Fancy-Chat – Makes your chat messages fancy, can bypass chat filters.
    • Fast-Break – Allows you to break blocks faster.
    • Fast-Ladders – Allows you to climb ladders faster.
    • Fast-Place – Removes the delay when placing blocks.
    • Flight – Allows you to fly on servers without anti-cheat.
    • Freecam – Allows you to move around freely.
    • Fullbright – Makes the world brighter.
    • Ghost-Hand – Allows you to reach blocks behind walls.
    • Glide – Makes you glide instead of falling.
    • Goto – Walks automatically to selected coordinates.
    • Hacker-Detector – Detects hackers near you.
    • Horse-Fly – Allows you to fly with horses.
    • Hud – The onscreen hud showing info.
    • Infinity-Chat-Length – Allows you to send longer chat messages.
    • Inventory-Walk – Allows you to walk while in the inventory.
    • Item-ESP – Draws an outline of all items near you.
    • Jesus – Allows you to walk on water and lava.
    • Jetpack – Fly like you had a Jetpack.
    • KillAura – Automatically hits near entities.
    • Message-Movement – Send chat messages of what you do.
    • Middle-Click-Friends – Middleclick players to add them as a friend.
    • Mini-player – Draws a mini version of you in the right corner.
    • Mob-ESP – Draws an outline of all mobs near you.
    • Name-Protect – Hides your name in chat (client-side only).
    • NoWeather – Disables weather.
    • NoFall – Prevents fall damage.
    • Nuker – Nuke blocks around you.
    • Panic-Mode – Temporarily removes all traces of the client.
    • Phase – Allows you to glitch through blocks on NCP servers.
    • Player-ESP – Draws an outline of all players near you.
    • Player-Tracer – Draws a line to players near you.
    • ProphuntESP – Allows you to see players on some servers in the prop hunt minigame.
    • ProphuntTracer – Draws a line to fake blocks in prop hunt games.
    • Radar – Shows nearby entities on your screen.
    • Reach – Allows you to reach further.
    • Regen – Regenerates your hearts faster. It requires full hunger bar.
    • RGB-Enchantments – Makes your enchantments rainbow-colored.
    • SafeWalk – Don’t fall off blocks.
    • Saturation-Display – Displays your saturation in the Hotbar.
    • Scaffold-Walk – Automatically place blocks in front of you when walking.
    • Skin-Blinker – Toggles your skin layers on and off.
    • Speed – Allows you to move faster, works on boats/horses too.
    • Spider – Allows you to climb up walls.
    • Step – Increases your step height.
    • Tab-Gui – Tab GUI for the modules.
    • Timer – Speeds up/Slows down the game.
    • Trajectories – Draws a line where things like arrows will land.
    • Triggerbot – Automatically hits the entity you are looking at.
    • Truesight – Allows you to see invisible entities.
    • Unfocused-CPU – Limits FPS when Minecraft is unfocused.
    • Water-Jump – Jump on the water as if it were a trampoline.
    • Waypoints – Draws a line to your set waypoints.
    • X-Ray – Allows you to see ore in the ground and other blocks.

    The download is available at the end of the article.


    3. Huzuni Minecraft Cheat


    Minecraft 1.10 Huzuni Hacked Client - YouTube


    Despite the fact that Huzuni is not available for the latest version of Minecraft, we still decided to include it in this list. Huzuni is a universal way to hack Minecraft, built into the OptiFine mod.


    Huzuni is provided to users as an excellent hacked client with a large set of features and mods. This tool is very easy to install, as well as to use, making settings through the graphical user interface. Just like the above clients, and not only, it is able to work in both Windows, macOS, and Linux.


    List of mods included in Huzuni

    Mods / Hacks

    • Auto farm
    • Waypoints
    • ESP
    • Nametags
    • Storage ESP
    • Projectiles
    • Brightness
    • Breadcrumbs
    • Auto potion
    • Auto armor
    • Kill aura
    • Bow aimbot
    • Criticals
    • Chat mutator
    • Timer
    • Auto Fish
    • Auto Disconnect
    • Respawn
    • Middle-click friends
    • Chest stealer
    • Retard
    • Anti Knockback
    • Speed
    • Scaffold
    • Safewalk
    • Dolphin
    • Fast ladder
    • Flight
    • Freecam
    • Glide
    • NoFall damage
    • Sneak
    • Spider
    • Step
    • Nuker
    • Smasher
    • Replica
    • Fast place
    • Auto tool
    • Speed mine
    • Xray


    • Armor Status
    • Enabled Mods
    • Notification
    • Coordinates
    • Compass
    • FPS
    • Minimap
    • Biome
    • Time
    • Text radar
    • Facing
    • Tabbed menu

    The download is available at the end of the article.


    Summing up our review of best Minecraft Cheats and Hacks


    All the clients that were mentioned by us in this article act as excellent hacks for Minecraft, subject to free download and use with a large set of features.