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  1. Good night I would like to know if I can buy through paypal, another question hack scum is working all options
  2. Good night!!! I tried to buy my card it was not, but I will try again just wanted to know one thing if the hack is up to date running without risk of buying and having to wait to update?
  3. I wanted to buy the hack scum but this is giving the payment page an error, would there be another way to buy?
  4. I'm putting the same login where I bought the charger plus password and login dis is wrong why is it?
  5. I was able to open it correctly now it was more my login and password is incorrect more are right renomear os arquivos sempre pede para renomear e não executa
  6. I managed to download it renamed just right anyway it skin to rename the file you know what it can be?
  7. Good night I bought 14 days from the hacker I received a code I paid for the card I don't see where to download the charger could help me thanks