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  • PUBG hacks to buy in Rulezzgame.com
    PUBG cheats with Aimbot, ESP / Wallhack, Radar hack and so on.
    Have you been searching for unnoticed PUBG hacks with aimbot, ESP, radar hack and wallhack for a long time? We have a huge number of secure PUBG hacks.


    • About us:

    Rulezzgame is a place where sociable support guys gathered, and at this time have already won the trust of over thirty thousand regular customers. If you compare with other providers, we conduct an exceptionally open and honest cooperation, where there are no blocks to our forum. If you want, initially before purchasing our product, we suggest reading user reviews, as well as asking questions to our support service.


    • Why people choose us:

    We have a private VIP area on the page that demonstrates the ability to delete Shadow and HWID ban using a Private HWID Spoofer
    If you can update the game, we guarantee to return your own hacks to the Internet in a couple of hours.
    We have created a forum where various issues are discussed.
    We provide training videos with text documents.


    • What is so useful about our product:

    This product has 99% of the working status of the cheat, which you can see by visiting our page.
    It supports aimbot on a controller with a 3-party application, a link to which will be given to you immediately after purchase.


    • General information:

    The majority of our hacks are presented in these versions: 24 hours/7 days/30 days.

    Each of the hacks is unnoticed, which does not change during the paid period.

    There is also a group of our hacks that was secure for over a year, and the rest from the time of release. However, do not forget that for safety, you must perform checks on our page, initially before using the tools.

    We have several automated systems that regularly analyze the status of our hacks, and when a breakage is detected, the page is immediately updated.


    • You have placed an order, what's next?

    Immediately after creating an order, you will receive an email with a download link and a unique one-time key.

    If you want to try the hack, you will need to download the file, then print it, then insert a unique key and open pubg. After activating and launching the hack, you will be granted 24-hour access.


    • The importance of hacks Rulezzgame.com

    We offer exclusively unique PUBG hacks that have the lowest detection rate. This indicates our advantage in the market, which also confirms the reviews of satisfied customers, and they are in the first place for us.


    • Why are our PUBG hacks invisible?

    Our main goal is to keep our own hacks safe, which is why the product is analyzed daily. In addition, we regularly develop and improve PUBG hacks, which takes a large amount of our resources and time. Therefore, users can not doubt the quality of our tools, because our page is updated several times during the day.


    • «Update»: what is it?

    It usually indicates that we received a signal from the client, and we started testing. It is also possible if the game is updated, so you need to update the cheat for its new operation.

    The procedure for obtaining the key is more than 24 hours.
    Those who wish to purchase a key for more than 24 hours should contact us via email, discord or via PM on the forums.


    • What Rulezzgame.com puts higher than its competitors?

    First, our product has all the guarantees and quality. Secondly, we employ only professional programmers. Third, we offer a large-scale range of game hacks.

    Which helps us keep Player unknown Battlegrounds Hacks safe.
    Just as we care about our customers' satisfaction, we also carefully protect our own PUBG hacks from detection.

    We personally manually carry out the selection, considering a huge number of coders, and then spend a few weeks conducting in-depth testing to make sure that they are reliable.


    Is it possible to combine legitimate and violent hacking?
    Using our PUBG hacks, players gain crazy victories, because when they hit the target, they will easily get 30 kills, gaining authority among the leaders.

    With a friendly game, you can slow down the pace, but still remain the same professional, because it is difficult to even imagine that you are engaged in hacking. We have several recommendations about what steps should be taken for the violence or the rule of law.


    PUBG Aimbot
    The vast majority of our Player unknown Battlegrounds hacks are endowed with aimbot. Aimbot, we provide, have provided the goals and the prediction of the fall of the bullet. This feature turns even at a long distance shots at running targets into simplicity and ease.


    PUBG ESP and Wallhack
    The hacks we offer usually come with ESP, or in other words wallhack. Our ESP is equipped with a perfect configuration based on user requirements. In addition, the player can see almost everything from the loot, participants, and vehicles.
    Our PUBG wallhack has two types of security: HWID Spoofing (for hacking) and HWID (hardware identification).

    We provide answers to the most frequently asked questions from users.

    Is it possible to use PUBG Hacks without being banned?
    With our products, Yes. The bottom line is that we specialize in PUBG hacks, which we are very proud of, because we implement cheats and hacks with the lowest detection rate.

    Aimbot in PUBG: what it is.
    It acts as a tool that helps you hit the enemy without aiming. Which makes the most accurate hit, even without having any skill.

    ESP in PUBG: the idea of the product.
    Using them, you will know the location of your opponent, as well as get a view through the wall. Due to these features, the player is given a gaming advantage in games such as PUBG.

    Implementing PUBG hacks: who does IT?
    Today there are a huge number of suppliers of PUBG hacks, which makes the choice a little difficult. The essence of reality is that the vast majority of suppliers do not offer particularly high-quality products. However, if you have read this far, you are on the right track, because Rulezzgame is the most reliable supplier in the entire industry.

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