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      Elitehack - high grade undetected cheat for PUBG Lite, working almost on any systems.


      Windows: 10

      CPU: Intel and AMD


      ESP Players
      Show teammates
      Player Names
      2D Radar

      ESP Items

      Vector AIM
      AIM Bone
      AIM Smoothness
      AIM Prediction


      Buy Elitehack PUBG Lite Cheat with instant access



    • STATUS: UNDETECTED - software not found

      TYPE: Multihack - assembly of unique functionality

      VERSION: Official launcher

      WINDOWS:  10

      Our cheat for pubg lite is built on a Legit basis without aimbot, but with anti-recoil. Some cheats for pubg lite do not last long due to the way the functionality is displayed. We put functions on top of the screen. The functionality is not visible on screenshots and other recording programs like OBS. Cheat on pubg light allows you to see opponents through walls with help from drawing ESP, namely the skeleton of the character, the square and the distance to the target.
      Cheat on pubg light has anti-recoil and loot display functions on the map. The radius was made not very large so as not to clog the player's screen. Anti-recoil works only when the attachment on the weapon is installed, do not pinch from the Xs at a great distance, you can get a report from another player.
      Do not confuse with the original version of the game, our private cheat pubg lite works only on the Lite version, which is made for other regions with the lowest system requirements, the difference itself is not particularly distinguishable from the original. You only need to use a VPN to play in the RU region.

      This cheat is intended only for PUBG lite, it will not work on the main version. The cheat works only in windowed mode. There are also instructions on how to start it up for correct operation, if you have any difficulties, please contact our support team. 


      Purchase SoftHub PUBG Lite Multihack with instant loader and key access






      Pubg lite AIM
      Option to enable
      Loot icons
      The display of useless things has been removed, everything is only the most necessary, you can also choose the distance for displaying loot. For those who don't like to see loot with icons, you can always switch it with text!

      Improved AIMBOT
      It is optional to include
      AIMBOT takes bullets into account and always shoots to hit the enemy. Aim for pubg light is assigned to any key from the menu list. In the AIM menu, you can set the part of the body to which the sight will be aimed, as well as the target lock radius. This feature will lead to victory at any level of the game. We decided to show you his work on video!

      Pubg lite AIM

      Cheat demo
      Pubg Lite
      Cheat for Pubg lite has mainly loot display functions of your choice. Enemy displays and anti-recoil. The video shows the gameplay with a cheat, as well as using the menu that is invoked using the F6 or Home key.

      We see enemies
      through the walls

      Our cheat for pubg lite includes the following ESP features:
      - Display Nicknames
      - Display Skeletons on players
      - Display 2D squares around players
      - Display Crosshairs by among the screen.

      Pubg lite ESP


      Pubg lite norecoil
      Anti recoil
      Instead of Aim
      For this function to work, you need to put on any attachment on the weapon, then you got 100% anti-recoil. In the gameplay video, we talked about how it works. Do not forget that for a very frank game you can get a report from the player. Try to play naturally and don't be impudent.
      - Disable recoil
      - Disable scatter
      - Disable the swinging sight

      Loot on the map, Airdrops and Transport
      Cheats for pubg light allow you to display the loot that you choose in the menu, airdrops and vehicles. After you have found the desired loot, you can turn off unnecessary functions in the cheat menu which is called with the F6 key
      - Display Grenades
      - Display First Aid Kits
      - Display Armor
      - Display Weapons
      - Display Ammo
      - Display Transport

      Pubg lite transport


      4 Versions to choose from
      Each version has limited functionality, the cost is also different, that's why choose the functionality wisely!

    • On 7/22/2020 at 10:49 AM, wzhuiniubi said:


      Can it be used now?

      Hello mate! Yes, its updated and undetected currently.

    • 19 minutes ago, wzhuiniubi said:

      Can it be used now?

      Hello : ) Yes buddy, its updated and undetected atm.

  • PUBG Lite Hack is any tool, application or program that can be used to cheat in PUBG Lite, such as tools, target bots, Wallhacks, modified .APK files on Android and cheats for DLL injections on a PC that will help you feel professional and win fierce battles. Most of these cheats are available for free download and will work great for you so you can get more free BP (battle points) and UC (Unknown money) for artifacts and boxes skins. Cheats or tools for unlimited / free UC and BP do not exist in PUBG Lite.


    PUBG Lite Hack


    Hackers are great modifications to the game code running on your PC or Android gaming device that change the way an app or PUBG lite works on your system to implement cheats, such as incredible wall hackers, target bots, no-return cheats, distribution, target help you win, etc. These hacks are implemented using modified games or through modified downloads of APK files for Android and DLL files for PC systems under the auspices of PUBG Lite. The most amazing hacks are usually equipped with different cheating options and different ways to give you an advantage during the game and features both in the form of a mod menu or interface that allows you to enable and customize available hacking options to your liking and at any time then when you want.


    If you are looking for cheats to use in PUBG Mobile and PUBG for PC, you can also find them on the Rulezzgame platform. Also check out our free fire hacks if you are looking for more royal fighting in the game, there are different options that you can pick up to your own liking.


    Aimbot for PUBG Lite


    Without a doubt, artificial intelligence, the most powerful of all PUBG Litle cheats to download, simply because automatic aiming and firing not only helps you kill your enemies well, but also, good loot, good weapons, ammunition, resources, items to help you recover your life indicators, energy drinks, medications, etc., but it turns out that a lot of killing also helps you survive, with minimal damage to your health, rather than killing yourself, and therefore allows you to get more blood pressure, more supplies and more deception, at least UC. However, while the target PUBG Lite bots are definitely impressive and will allow you to automatically aim and shoot at players on Android and PC, there is also a risk associated with using this type of deception that you may get. Both Tencent Games and Bluehole are well known for banning readers from using their respective versions of PUBG, and this may not be different for the PUBG Lite version, so target bots are nice but very easy for other players to detect, report, and therefore risk being banned or freeze your account when using these tools. - So, if you are going to use a target robot for PUBG Lite, make sure you use it carefully, respectfully and safely to protect your account and just be a nice person who can continue to play for fun, with the maximum advantage on your side.


    PUBG Lite Wallhack


    Now, while a Wallhack won't automatically lead to the killings you'd like as much as the automatic aiming system does, it's still the most interesting and probably the best cheat to use in PUBG Lite in your favor. Thanks to an effective Wallhack, the location of opponents opens up, objects, vehicles, drops of air, explosives and other objects through walls and other objects, at the same time when it cannot be seen by other players who at the same time continue to play with yours on the same map. This is usually done by selecting items, players and other items using the colored boxes you see. The biggest advantage of using PUBG Lite Wallhack or ESP / VAC is the first moments after jumping out of the plane and landing on the map. ESP provides the ability to track players landings, including initial visualization and looting of weapons and gain an advantage in the first minutes of the round of battle you have just started. When you use a perfect Wallhack, then all attempts should be made to die in the first minutes of the game, directly when numerous players leave the game. The most valuable thing about using this tool to cheat PUBG Lite is that you will in any case take aim manually, shooting at opponents, while maintaining the fun and feeling of achievements that act as the leading multiplayer online shooters, namely Player Unknowns Battlegrounds Lite and other games of similar character and style. In general, we recommend this type of deception compared to all others, because it will greatly increase your skills and give you an advantage in a fierce battle, without making you an extremely cool player to the point of injustice.


    PUBG Lite mods and mobile menu menus (Android or iOS)


    For those who play PUBG Lite on mobile devices (Android or iOS), without a doubt, the best and most convenient way to cheat is to simply download the mod, which is a modified version of the PUBG Lite gaming application, which is modified to contain various cheats and mods to help you get the biggest reward after the battle. On the Android platform, these mods are available in the form of downloads, usually APK mods, which can be simply installed instead of the original game and usually do not require root. On iOS, such mods usually need to be installed through a modified app store that is on the phone. PUBG Lite mods for mobile devices have the same potential as other methods of deception on other platforms: potentially possible Aimbots, Wallhacks, scripts, automatic healing, non-proliferation, targeting, speed attacks, teleportation and other cheats that you can easily use on your own benefit during the battle with rivals. However, unlimited UC, unlimited BP, free skins, etc. are not possible even on amazing Android and iOS platforms, no matter how you like it. There are also several advanced scenarios, such as auto-abduction, auto-bandaging, auto-healing, auto-reboot, auto-fashion guns, etc., which are different benefits that you can take advantage of. Keep in mind that all unlimited UC and BP sites are fraudulent, as they do not exist.


    PUBG Lite Cheats for PC


    The biggest plus of playing PUBG Lite on a PC rather than a mobile device is that you don't have to worry about downloading a different mod with each update that PUBG Lite receives. Once you've downloaded a work hack, target robot, or wall hacker, it will usually take at least a few weeks from the time you download and install the game. Also, installing and running cheats for the PC version of PUBG Lite is much easier and safer than on most mobile devices. In addition, it will be enough to search for a free working download, or use a subscription, and then install and run on your PC. However, you should first try to hack an additional account, especially with free files downloaded from the Internet, to make sure that your main account is not blocked and banned over time. Although targeting bots and desktop hackers on PCs usually have much more features and are much more powerful, the main disadvantage of the Windows PC platform is that there are very anti-fraud measures and more attention is paid to game integrity, and the risk to your gaming account is much higher than on other online mobile gaming platforms, and this is already a very risky application of free downloads, when compared with a set of private hacking solutions.


    What methods exist and do they exist at all for having an unlimited amount of UC and BP in PUBG Lite?


    No, unfortunately, hacking money and currencies such as Unknown Cash (UC) and Battle Points (BP) is not possible in PUBG Lite on both Android and Windows PCs, no matter how much you want to. This is because it is an online multiplayer game, which means that information about your account, currencies, skins and other unlocks are stored on online game servers, which cannot be changed in your favor. And the tools, generators, and similar software that claim to do so are fakes and scams that can cause your account to freeze, and there are no mods for unlimited UC and BP.