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    • Working private cheat for PUBG Mobile by Soft Hub


      A working private cheat for the popular game is pubg mobile from the software hub development team, who regularly update their programs and improve them. Take advantage of online payment on our website and start dominating your favorite game. It will be much easier and more fun to take the first places.


      Works on System: Works on Windows 10 1803 - 2009

      Accordingly, it only works in the Gameloop emulator.

      An important point! For the cheat to work, you need a USB flash drive. The cheat is transferred to it and launched from it. If there is no physical one, then you can use a virtual flash drive - OSFMount.

      If you were looking for a program for your phone - consider other options here.








      Box / Square outlines the opponent

      Skeletons / Display the skeleton of the enemy


      Health / enemy health

      Distance / Distance to the enemy

      Snaplines / Lines to the enemy

      Weapons / Weapons on the ground

      Ammo / Ammo on the ground

      Consumables / Consumables on the ground

      Pickups / Body armor, helmets, backpacks on the ground

      Crates / boxes of the dead and airdrop

      Scopes / Sights on the ground

      Modules / Modules (Silencers, shops etc. etc.) on the ground




      Aim Bone: Head - Chest / Head - Body

      AimKey / Aim button

      Aim Marker

      Crosshair / Sight

      Fov Value

      Fov Circle

      Sticky Aim

      Smooth Speed

      Priority By: Crosshair - Distance



      No Recoil

      InstaHit / Instant Hit

      Enemy Dist

      Players Color / Color of Boxes and Opponent Lines



      Purchase Softhub PUBG Mobile Cheat with instant loader and key access



  • The MOST effective and proven PUBG Mobile cheats and hacks for Gameloop PC emulator and Devices on Android, PUBG Wallhack Aimbot [Proven 2021]


    PlayerUnknown Battle Grounds (PUBG Mobile) is one of the best-selling games in the world in its genre to date, has sold over 60 million copies and has over 85 million daily players worldwide. PUBG has played a vital role in the gaming industry, and the frenzy of playing PUBG among children and young people is growing every day, the game is becoming even more popular. If you play PUBG, you should know the reward you will win as the Winner Chicken Dinner (WWCD), which everyone always wants. As PUBG becomes more popular, hackers are also trying to use the game's features, and PUBG Mobile is always a danger to PUBG players who just want to play fair and enjoy the game. Whether you use Android or iOS, hackers know how to hack Android PUBG Mobile, as well as hack iOS PUBG Mobile, for their own purposes.


    In PUBG Mobile, players descend to the ground in groups from a parachute, usually in a team of four players. Then they can collect various equipment, such as pistols, grenades, backpacks, first aid kits, etc., ie various resources that they will need in the future game. Players can find this equipment by visiting various houses and other places that are located on the map. Players must always remain in a safe area, as other players may kill each other. Then on the battlefield, the players fight with each other, and the one who stays until the last one will win the Prize Winner Chicken Dinner. He will also receive several points, from which he will also be able to purchase paid equipment that he can use in the future.


    How to hack a PUBG mobile phone on Android No Root (2019):

    What are the possible hacks of PUBG Mobile?

    Tools needed for PUBG Mobile Hack

    Step-by-step guide for mobile PUBG hacking on Android (NO-ROOT)




    1. Cheats and hacks for PUBG for mobile devices or Gameloop emulator on PC

    Is it possible to PUBG Mobile Hack and cheat and use PUBG Mobile Game to your advantage?

    2. How to enable PUBG Wallhack Cheats and Mods?

    3. How to use Aimbot hacks in PUBG Mobile?

    4. Hack for PUBG Mobile Battle Points

    5. PUBG Mobile Speedhack


    Read this article for the following questions.


    Frequently asked questions about hacking PUBG

    How to use mobile Hacks in PUBG?

    What are the hacks for the game PUBG?

    How do I know someone who will break PUBG?

    What happens if someone is caught breaking a PUBG?

    How many players were banned in PUBG?

    What various professional players are locked in due to fraud in PUBG?

    Warnings for hackers


    How to hack a PUBG mobile phone on Android No Root (2019):

    PUBG Mobile Hacking works by simply implementing and executing a PUBG hacking script on your Android phone during the game, so you can easily make changes to the PUBG APK build and take advantage of other players playing PUBG with or against you. .



    What are the possible hacks of PUBG Mobile?


    Automatic headshots of other players that you can see

    Change body colors

    Anti-prohibition function

    Quick shots

    There are no traces that you leave

    High damage to enemies from your shots


    Tools needed for PUBG Mobile Hack


    Download ZArchiever from the Google Play Store


    Step-by-step guide for mobile PUBG hacking on Android (NO-ROOT)


    Install ZArchiever.

    Extract the PUBG Hacking script file on your Android device

    In the third step, install Game Guardian, PUBG Game and Strange VPN.

    In the fourth step, open the double space and create clones of Game Guardian and PUBG Mobile on your device.

    Now, in the fifth step, open the Game Guardian and select the PUBG hacking scenario to run the game on your device.

    In the last step, open the mobile game PUBG, and on the screen you will find a floating icon with the inscription Game Guardian. By clicking on this floating icon, you can do various things, such as automatic headshots, Wallhack and many others to help you win again and again.



    Top 5 PUBG mobile cheats


    1. Cheats and hacks for PUBG for mobile devices or Gameloop emulator on PC


    PUBG is a game that is so popular that many new players are added to PUBG's playlist every day, becoming its protagonists, hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities in the PUBG Mobile hub and also want to use these vulnerabilities to their advantage to play like a pro. Therefore, many PUBG cheat codes have been introduced in mobile devices that can be used safely. As a result, PUBG also banned and blocked numerous players in June 2018 using PUBG's cheat codes on Mobile.


    Warning: PUBG is a secure online game, and anyone who tries to hack it is not allowed to play PUBG, thus blocking your progress in the game.


    Is it possible to PUBG Mobile Hack and cheat PUBG Mobile Game, and how?

    The answer is yes, of course. Hackers use mods such as pubg mobile hack aimbot, advanced aiming assistants, wallhacks to see other players behind the wall, macros and other similar fraudulent programs in both Andriod and iOS, thus making it much easier for yourself in the game, ie you it will be easier to destroy enemies. However, you can't create an unlimited number of battle points, UC, items, boxes, etc.


    2. How to enable PUBG Wallhack Cheats and Mods?


    In PUBG Wallhack, users can see through enemy walls, vehicles, weapons and ammunition, drops of supplies and other vital game items that help defeat enemies in battle. This will allow the user to easily loot items, and will also make it easier for the user to kill an enemy who at the same time wants to kill him. In this way, the user can survive longer, and can also avoid other players, which allows the user to earn more points, rewards, battle points and looting, which are so important in the game. The PUBG desktop hacker is available in a modified APK or iOS mode, which simply means that the game client code can be changed to allow you to show enemies and other items that are currently on the map and are shared. However, in June 2018, PUBG made several attempts to make it safer and more reliable, but you can download PUBG Mobile Wallhack from here for free and almost without risk. This will allow you to stay in the game for a long time, and you will be able to survive in the game for a longer period, and you can easily win the game and get more rewards than usual. You should also be careful that using such PUBG Mobile desktop hackers, you may be blocked in PUBG.


    3. How to use Aimbot hacks in PUBG Mobile?


    Bots and auto-targeting programs are used to automatically target targets and enemies when you press a button. This is one of the best hackers available for PUBG mobile devices, and it is very rare because it is quite difficult to implement on your device. Many automatic aiming bots for Android and iOS games are available in the form of enhanced sight aiming to target enemies while playing. In this method, the aiming and firing code is entered into the PUBG game on the client or user side. The «code» is available in the form of enhanced aiming assistance for most games for Android and iOS that you can use. Aimbots can only be detected using cheat programs created by the creators of PUBG, which hosts the game on your device. If any other player reports this, you will be instantly banned from your account forever.


    Using Aimbot PUBG Mobile has a higher risk of being banned than other hacks or mods that you can use. If you plan to use targeted public hacks, then respect your fellow players who may report you and block you, and do not abuse them, as this will lead to a ban and recognition of you as a cheater in the game. Other tips and tricks you can keep in mind when using the PUBG mobile hacking sight:


    Don't shoot through walls, it can express you.

    Do not shoot at players every time, be natural, like all other players, as if you are so accurate in shooting at enemies that you are easily recognized as a swindler.

    Set a line between aiming speed and firing speed, behave naturally.

    They don't always shoot in the head. Aimbot detects graphics such as the head, torso, and more. Set your profile only by the number of shots of rivals and enemies.

    Get acquainted with the murder cameras and do not tell others that you are using aiming boots to your advantage.


    4. Hack for PUBG Mobile Battle Points

    Battle points are points that are considered a virtual currency in PUBG Mobile, which players can earn after winning various battles and battles. Next, these battle points can be exchanged for boxes that are in the game, where the boxes are filled with different costumes. These costumes do not provide any direct assistance to players, but can be useful to hide if there is a similar textured environment.


    You can earn 20 battle points by killing each of your enemies, and you can earn more for his performances, ratings, ratings and shots in the game.


    Through the Internet you can find various websites that sell fighting points to players, or you can earn these fighting points just by browsing a few ads online for free that the game itself offers you.


    In PUBG, you can earn many combat points using the AFK mode, ie (away from the keyboard). ROS can be achieved if a player chooses a safe place on the battlefield, where not many other players come who can destroy him. By working idle and hiding from other players, you can earn points based on your long survival rating, but this tactic is not always very reliable.


    This is not a hack, but a trick that you can safely use to earn more battle points in PUBG when there is no threat of getting banned from the game. It's completely safe, and you can always use it to get PUBG combat points.


    5. PUBG Mobile Speedhack


    All players also know that if someone can increase the speed of the game than other players, there is always a chance for longer survival in the game, thereby receiving greater and more valuable rewards. In fact, there are many players in the PUBG community forum who complain that the speed of another player is faster than the speed of other players.


    Hacking the speed of the PUBG game for mobile devices can be done by small code modifications, but you do not need to significantly increase the speed, otherwise the anti-cheats in PUBG will identify you and will be banned from playing the game forever.


    The method of increasing the speed of PUBG is very simple. All you need to do is access the PUBG code and make changes to the values of the presets for the outgoing packets and send the packets faster than usual to ensure a better exchange of resources with the network.


    Here are some ways in which PUBG Mobile can be safely hacked. Share with friends if you find them interesting.


    Frequently asked questions about hacking a PUBG game on your own device.

    How to use mobile fashion Hacks PUBG?

    Mobile mods are available in APK format for download on Android mobile devices and in IPA for IOS or iPhone users. Mobile mods can be stored in the file manager, and from there they can be installed on mobile devices for your own purposes. The code configuration may require you to root your Android device or iPhone Jailbreak.


    What are PUBG Mobile hacks?

    PUBG Mobile on the Internet has many possible cheats and hackers to help you win an easier game, which will provide you with greater rewards, improving your game results, such as greater speed and accuracy when hitting the target easier and faster than other players. As mentioned above, these are free hackers with links to various free resources, because they are usually unsafe. You can also find various premium services for hacking PUBG Mobile, which are also used by other players, and you have no idea about it at all. Possible hack cheats and PUBG codes include sighting bots that help you take headshots of your opponents from a distance. Similarly, wall hacks are also possible, allowing you to see through the walls, and you can easily identify different loot, which will definitely increase your chances of winning the battle, and may in some circumstances be a key factor you can use to your advantage. Another possible hacker is a high-speed hacker, with which you can speed up your character in the space on the map, regardless of whether you are on foot or in a vehicle. Radar hacking is also possible during a game used by even some professional players for their own purposes, including the Pittsburgh Knights, who are often the leading players in the game. Radar hacker allows you to see the position of your enemies relative to other objects on the map.

    Also read: How to play PUBG in India after the game ban.


    How do I know someone who will break PUBG?


    It can be very annoying for you if someone else uses PUBG hacking and kills you outside the traditional rules and requirements of the game. In order to determine if someone else is using hacking in PUBG against you, you need to do a few things. After death, look at the repetition of your murder. If someone shoots you from a distance of 500 meters or more than they are, there is a chance that players are using hacking techniques to win the game, not even according to the rules. The second thing to pay attention to is whether other players are tracking your movement behind the wall or other obstacles in the game, whether they are running faster than the normal speed of other players or not. This will probably give you an idea of whether they are using hacking techniques to their advantage or not.


    What happens if someone is caught breaking a PUBG Mobile?


    You may find it easier to use PUBG hacks, but at the same time you always risk blocking your progress in the game. If someone finds that they use hacks or cheats in any online game, you will immediately be banned and blocked for an indefinite period. PUBG corp. also come up with an anti-fraud system in their game in which he looks closely at suspected fraudsters playing the game. PUBG players who have found the use of cheats and hackers can be banned from playing on their mobile device for ten years, and if you find that you are using hacks and cheats on your PC, you may have indefinite bans on your account. Few players who use PUBG hacking on a PC are banned from hardware that will stop them completely in the game.


    How many players were banned in PUBG?


    As the latest update from PUBG, approximately 13 million accounts have been banned since October 2018 for using cheat codes or hacks of various kinds and purposes. Most banned accounts include those that use Radar hackers. At the end of 2019, PUBG Corp. also confirmed that it continues to ban nearly 100,000 accounts during the week by checking players who play the game.

    What different professional players are banned in PUBG?

    A very large number of professional PUBG players have banned the use of PUBG for the use of cheats and hackers over the past two years, thus almost burying their careers as professional gamers. Most players used radar hacks for their own purposes. Next is a list of known players who have been blocked for using hacks in PUBG.








    Warnings for hackers who hack PUBG


    The developers of PUBG have already made it clear that they will not tolerate anyone who makes any modifications to the game PUBG in their favor, and will prohibit hackers of all types of hackers and fraudsters from engaging in such activities. In fact, more than 100 arrests were made in the PUBG hacking case. So be careful and play safely and honestly and in relation to other players, because this is the meaning of such games to test your skills in the game against other opponents, according to the same rules for all users of the game PUBG.