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  • All available Rust cheats list

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  • Horizon Rust Hack with many features like Aimbot, ESP and More

    We also recommend buying a spoofer. Protect yourself from being banned by hardware! The spoofer can be purchased by clicking here


    Requirements for work

    • Windows 10 64bit Build (1803,1809,1903,1909,2004,20H2)
    • Supports Intel & AMD processors
    • UEFI Windows Mode


    Horizon Rust Cheat Full and Light VersionsHorizon Rust Cheat Aimbot ESP Wallhack MiscRust Undetected hack with No recoil Rapid Fire Fly Hack Speedhack and more


    Light Cheat Features


    Regular version

    Player ESP




    No recoil

    No sway


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    Full cheat version



    Silent Aimbot - an aimbot that does not require debugging

    Ignore sleepers - ignore sleeping players

    Ignore wounded - Ignore fallen players

    Fat bullet - fat bullet

    Prefer head - aimbot priority on the head

    Prefer body - aimbot priority on the body

    Aimbot fov - aimbot radius

    Aimbot distance - limitation of aiming distance



    Player boxes - squares around players

    Player Names - nicknames of players

    Player weapons - what he holds in his hands

    Health bar - health bar

    Health points - health in numbers

    Show distance - show distance

    Loot ESP - loot highlight



    No Recoil - no recoil

    No Sway - no camera wiggle

    Automatic Weapons - automatic shooting on semi-automatic weapons

    Debug Camera - admin camera

    Walk on water (flyhack) - walk on water (flight)

    Spiderman - wall crawling

    Ignore Colision - Ignore Colision (walk through walls)

    Speedhack - walk fast


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    Phoenix Rust Hack - No recoil + Debug camera + Always day + 2D Radar


    Status: Undetected

    OS: Windows 10

    CPU: Intel and AMD


    Working HWID Spoofer is Included!


    Please notice!

    Dont spray more then 5-10 bullets in a row using no recoil! It can cause server or even account ban! Always shoot for 2-3 bullets to stay legit and safe!



    • ESP
    • No Recoil
    • Debug Camera
    • 2D Radar
    • Always day
    • Panic key
    • EAC bypass
    • High optimization
    • Frequent update
    • Low price




    Phoenix Rust Hack Full with ESP + No recoil + Debug camera + Always day + 2D Radar with instant loader and key access




    In case of problems do the following:

    1) Disable Secure boot. You can see whether it is turned on or off by entering msinfo32 at startup and finding the line "Safe Boot Status" there. Secure boot itself is disabled in the BIOS.

    2) Disable antivirus, Windows Defender (namely real-time protection). And the best is to completely chop off the software defendcontrol

    3) Remove the Facet and facet anti-cheat through the Add or Remove Programs tab.

    4) Install all updates for Windows. If you removed the facet not through deleting but a folder, you need to install and reinstall it








    Aquila Rust Cheat


    Works on Windows (x64 only): 8, 8.1, 10

    Processors: INTEL and AMD


    Show players
    Ingore slepenig
    Box(2D, 2D angular, 3D)
    HP(Text, Bar)



    Save settings [Save/Load]
    Vertical sunc
    Overlay Border
    Overlay info



    Buy Aquila Rust Cheat with instant cheat loader and key access


    Best Undetected Rust cheats and hacks

    Rust is another unique game that is susceptible to hacks and cheat codes that increase the player's performance. The point is that the player with the help of rust gets an exciting experience, creating their village abode, trying to fend off the harsh attacks of other residents. There is an exquisite voice chat, but the game itself does not have a narrator, so the player is left on his own with his personal devices and chips in the fight for survival.

    Most «tactful» players are outraged by the harsh reality and harsh nature of the game, but there are also those who prefer it, considering it more exciting and unique in contrast to conventional shooters. The fight, scenes, and graphics-send a challenge to human norms, authoritative among the modern public, yet it all somehow works! Developer Facepunch Studios first released RUST Experimental back in 2013, which immediately interested a million audience eager try out the remaining battles, personally passing the technological development in accordance with the improvement of the game, similar to its predecessors.


    What's the point of cheating in Rust?

    Rust is a survival game, however above the medieval setting, committing to innovative thinking to survive. At will, players are grouped into «clans», giving a name to their alliances. You can also act alone if you are not afraid of facing harsh combat chances in the long run on both game variations: Rust Experimental and Rust Legacy. You will need round-the-clock continuous vigilance, making sure that in your absence the situation remains safe since on your return you will simply be horrified by what you have seen.

    Hack for Rust properties?

    • Invincibility: (invincibility, even to drop damage).
    • See all items: (you can customize your ESP for any desired item).
    • Aimbot: (just toggle aimbot lock key and kill full geared clan in Rust easily).
    • Wallhack: (See your enemies or your friends from afar and through everything that is solid).



    Types of rust hacks and cheats from RULEZZGAME


    You can be sure that there are dozens of rust cheats and hacks that can increase your productivity, improving the chances of staying alive. What is important is taking into account the ten-year existence of the game, during which hackers perfectly developed and improved game cheats and hacks, thanks to which you can defeat more than one hundred other islanders in the fight for survival.

    The main problem of the game is the fact that it requires the mandatory presence of RUST cheats, which randomly interacts between heavily armed players and barely armed. You have a chance to freely fight in an unbalanced battle with another player who has a gun, having only a stone or a homemade knife. Let's look at a number of the mains and leading Rust hacks and cheats used in both versions; RUST Legacy and Rust Experimental.


    Rust Undetected Cheat with Aimbot and ESP



    Rust Aimbot Hack

    Aimbots are very popular in every game that has a firearm, and even without it! They effectively increase productivity when you create or find your own gun. But, first, you need to use homemade weapons: stones and battle-axes, which the cheat does not apply to.
    Rust aimbot helps you shoot without missing a bullet in the head of your enemies if they do not hide. What is the priority when protecting your own position, gaining authority over the rest of the players.

    Cheat Automatic Collection Of Rust

    Do not forget that your survival depends on collecting firewood because when you run out of energy spent on creating weapons or huts, it will automatically resume.

    The Speed Of Rust Hacking

    To a large extent, survival on rust is due to the speed of movement, both away from enemy fire, and after your own goal. Now the game is reconfigured for certain speed limits, which can be a little slow when getting out of trouble or chasing a hidden goal. With Rust speed hack, you gain additional momentum, speeding up the pace in the fight against experienced or heavily armed players who use the speed of hacking.

    Daylight Rust Hack

    As a rule, enemies prefer to attack your Fort at night, because then the vision is minimal, which is very dangerous, exposing you to the attack of the clan or team of players. Therefore, this rust hack provides you with daylight, which helps you track your surroundings, focusing on the choice of attacking opponents. Using it, you will attack targets at night, hiding your location.

    Rust Cheat On The Absence Of Damage When Falling

    There are a number of scenarios in Rust where you get trapped on high ledges, trees, or rocks. Using this tool, you can safely jump from high places, landing on any surface below. Without hacking, this procedure is very dangerous, although sometimes it is the only safe way out of a dangerous situation.

    Rust Super Jump Hack

    There are cases when being surrounded by enemies or when passing deep rocks and ledges, you need to jump higher than the kangaroo. This rusty hack allows you to increase the height and range of your jump so that you can literally jump out of range and get away from the attacking player before they can strike.

    Shoot Without Recoil with Rust Cheat

    Using the recoil of the weapon successfully destabilizes your position or delays the subsequent blow, which carries danger for you when attacking several players. This cheat rust is able to eliminate different types of recoil, providing the ability to deploy a series of blows, without requiring time, delay, or reaction movements.




    Rust ESP Hack

    An additional type of critical hacking rust, which increases productivity and contributes to gaining authority over enemies. ESP hack adjusts the color scheme of game objects, identifies its tools, and measures distances. This contributes to a premature assessment of the level of possible threats in your area, long before the enemy approaches your position.

    Other Rust Hacks

    There are numerous auxiliary rusty hacks that improve game tools, such as hacking resources, proximity-alert, and this is not all!


    Despite the ability of these cheats and hacks to improve performance, they also attract a number of prohibitions for players when detecting developers fighting to hack. Thus, initially, you need to learn, by observing the other players, which hacks they safely use. This way you will get reliable hacks and cheats, using proven sources that prevent all traps. We wish you only victories!


    What should I do if I will get banned in Rust?

    If you receieve 1 or more bans you can get HWID ban and to avoid this you need to follow this simple after ban guide , there we explained in detail and step by step what needs to be done to completely get rid of the hardware ban in Rust.


    List of the most reliable rust hacks and cheats in 2020!
    Are you a diligent seeker of rusty hacks and cheats? Then this information is for you because we have the best and safest Cheat Rust and hacks that can be unnoticed and do not have errors.


    We regularly test our own hacks, which have different settings and applications, to make sure that they are safe for players. Our rust Cheats are the most secure because we spend a lot of money on it. If we mark it in the status as unnoticed, then it will be so. Most of our offers are applicable even at the hour of the spill.


    Rust Cheats and Hacks: the perfect choice to stay alive

    Are you the one who is configured to scan rust Cheats and hacks that help you become the ruler of the server, in order to acquire packages in the mining process, creating the most reliable complex that has all the main utilities? Then you were in the right place at the right time.


    RULEZZGAME has made a determination on how to better plan and grow rust hacks, through which you get access to huge reserves, assets, and details, going through many difficulties, fulfilling your goals.


    Can I use these Cheats and hacks in both versions: Rust Legacy and Rust Experimental?
    Without a doubt! They are applicable for Rust-Experimental, including also its old adaptation Rust Legacy, since both have similar firearms, items, communication, and games.

    Main features of Rust Hacks ESP, Wallhack, and Aimbot.
    Rust is a popular online game available on PC, having an open world with exciting video and audio effects, not malleable to comparison, where playing you will get carried away for a considerable time. Players have to survive in a wild environment, armed, wearing protective clothing, using food items.

    You should be very sensitive to such creatures roaming around the island as bears, pigs, wolves because they can attack. However, they can also be killed using their skins to keep warm and their meat to feed on. Much more dangerous are other players who create a number of difficulties and troubles for you while playing live. It is with them that you need to fight, using firearms and rough, military weapons: bows, bolts, Tomahawks, etc.

    A number of main features in Rust Hacks.

    Since Rust is considered a multiplayer online game, it is possible that numerous players boldly use Rust cheats, trying to win by cunning methods.

    For example, you diligently collect good assets, rising in positions in the game, while wasting your personal time and effort, and here without experience, a novice player easily destroys you by using some rust hack. Here it is impossible not to be disappointed and angry. It is for this reason that we have developed hidden, real-world, rust hacks.


    Automatic guidance.
    As an open-world game, rust has a ton of things to contend with, relying solely on its own stamina. Rust Aimbot guarantees that you are thinking correctly, and all the bullets you fired are effective, compared to how in multiplayer games all the projectiles are counted. This feature makes it the best and most successful of the rust hacks.

    There are many elements such as altitude, wind direction, and the separation between you and your target that make your shooting at opponents a bit time-consuming. Then Rust Aimbot comes to the aid of the players, which contributes to the following:

    Accurately hold your target, regardless of wind, separation, or altitude in the kit.
    Detection of enemies through the territory.
    For enemies, all projectiles fired are deadly.
    Even in the process of movement, you will not miss shooting at enemies.
    Your cursor is over will be to pursue the enemy, changing naturally, therefore you don't miss.

    Rust item ESP and enemy ESP
    ESP (extrasensory perception) gives you an advantage over your opponent by knowing about the landscape in advance and acting according to the situation. In addition, you can effectively detect the desired assets throughout the territory: weapons, food, and shelter, effectively using RUST ESP.

    This extension is the best in ESP and RUST Hack, which helps you stay at the same stage in front of your enemies when you encounter them. The player can easily see the location of the enemy hiding behind Moors and in shelters, while maintaining a strategic distance, bypassing it to deliver a fatal blow.


    Why are rust cheats and RULEZZGAME hacks so important?
    The player gets 100% working cheats, hacks, and devices to destroy the enemy and possess unlimited advantages. There are no national restrictions, and everyone can use it, regardless of age, using on Xbox, PS4, and PC. In order to organize and create, it takes 5 minutes. They are completely unnoticed and are accompanied by BattleEye, VAC, which is proven by a public of 35,000 users.


    Ways to use and get Rust cheats and hacks?
    For free and comfortable use of tools, you need to join the official game server by performing the following actions:

    1. Select the best Rust hack for you depending on features and specs and get customer role on our Discord server.
    2. Enter the required information in the fields and pay for the product.
    3. After the intermediary is convinced of the correctness of the data entered by you, access to the Rust hack agreement is opened.
    4. Immediately after the creation is complete, send it and launch it on your device.
    5. Then you can choose and remake among Aimbot, ESP, Wallhack, Radar, and other rust hacks.

    That's all, you are the owner of game hacks and can start fighting with your opponents!





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