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  • SCUM: A collection of hacks and cheats with ESP and Aimbot


    Our main pride is a set of the most secure SCUM hacks ever previously published.

    SCUM Hacks in our store has all the features that are regularly searched for by players.


    SCUM Hacks provided by us — General information


    Scum Flex Cheat with Aimbot, ESP Wallhack, No recoil, Car fly, Fly hack and more hacks


    Our Scum hacks are offered to users in the following versions • 7-day access • 30-day access.


    The Scum hacks that we provide are undetectable, and we take all steps to ensure that this feature is not compromised.


    Among our hacks, there are also those that remain safe for more than one year. As for the rest, these have had security since the release. However, if you want to stay safe, you should regularly check our status page before you start using the products.


    Our team has automated systems to regularly test the status of our hacks, and if there are problems, we immediately update our status page.



    4 Reasons Why Our Scum Cheats are preferred over Others:

    (We recommend reading this article to the end!)


    1. You will have access (7 or 30 days), which begins after the activation of the license key and the launch of the hacking program on your PC. However, such access can not be granted after the purchase of the hack, as we have done this with the aim that no client will lose time, if problems arise, when the hack is first implemented.


    2. Also, we, unlike other providers, offer constant support, at the first need! Our main mission is to help players to successfully start work, to be a happy customer.


    3. We offer the most secure hacks in the industry, and at the expense of this, you can not even doubt. During testing, we found very few problems, but if they pop up, we immediately warn users to avoid bans. And we do all this thanks to daily stress tests and an automatic system in case of detection. In addition to all the above, our status page is also updated throughout the day.


    4. We do not act as another supplier who seeks to make quick money. After all, as everyone already knows, the hacker games industry is almost full of fake providers. Namely, those who have zero programming experience, who have hired the cheapest programmers from the Third World. Since they lack communication, skills, professionalism and ambition, their main goal is to make money instantly, despite the fact that they abuse the trust of their customers.


    No, we are far from being such, but on the contrary, we guarantee that we will meet your expectations. Our team regularly works to constantly meet the needs of our customers, providing the best products and services in the industry.


    Scum Hacks


    Scum is one of the newest open-world online multiplayer games that was developed and released in collaboration with Gamepires and Croteam. The game was originally released for Windows on Steam, and this exclusivity has a fair reason. If you are an experienced gamer who spent most of the day playing games, and you are not interested in children's simple games, then this will be the best choice for you.


    The origin of this story begins with an escape from a prison in Croatia, where 100 other survivors took part, with several game modes, in the form of an open world, a team battle to the death, special events and much more.


    The essence of this game is not only killing and survival, but much more, say, the vital characteristics of your player, compliance with his diet and much more. Scum is a game just for you when you are someone who is looking for all sorts of ways to achieve professionalism. The graphics are very similar to reality, with smooth animation, which creates a perfect gameplay for you. The audio team also did a great job and came up with a very exciting sound, with sound effects not bad in any place, starting with the rustle of the wind on the grass and up to the footsteps with the sound effects of weapons.



    The player initially begins to choose the character's skills and abilities based on stealth, intelligence, body type, and strength. The user can also choose abilities based on their playing style and personal preferences, in order to provide a fully customizable experience. In the gameplay, there is not only an unrealistic health scale, which the player should carefully take care of, but it also provides an overview of detailed vital statistics: pulse, heartbeat, blood sugar, carbohydrates and proteins, including vitamins in the character's body. Thus, the player must choose their own diet to maintain the character's ability to run, carry weight, and so on.


    The nature of the game modes is universal, therefore, the player has the opportunity to collect all their favorite game modes in one place with optimal graphics. All available game modes are provided below:


    Survival Mode: This mode is really an open world, and you find yourself on a post-apocalyptic island in the wake of a zombie outbreak, along with 100 other online players who are available to interact and use their personal intelligence, strength and awareness to survive in the game.


    Battle Royale Mode: A mode like Battle Royale is designed to give the player the enjoyment of it when they want to take a break from the game progress in story mode, while competing with the rest of the prison escapees to reincarnate as the last survivor and win the game.


    Team Death Match: the developers of Scum also introduced the Team DeathMatch mode, where participants compete against each other, testing their personal skills in their favorite game. Team DeathMatch promotes the creation of a team of your friends to play against other teams, with the aim of destroying them.


    Scum cheats


    Scum Cheats is provided to players as a quick and easy way to make progress in the game or use as additional support, if necessary. Scum Cheats and Scum Hacks are used for a variety of purposes due to the game's features, so you can use them in any game mode to get the most out of the gameplay. For beginners, Scum is not a simple game, and with Scum Hacks you will stay in the game for longer periods of time with the opportunity to learn and explore it.


    If you are no longer a beginner, but rather a veteran of the game, who earned a rating by making great efforts, and at the same time notice how some users use Scum Hacks for the competition — this will not appeal to everyone. Moreover, such antics of players can be annoying, causing you a lot of inconvenience. Thanks to our tools, you will have a chance to pay them back by teaching them a good lesson. When you decide to use the guaranteed working and undetectable Scum Hacks provided by us, you will be above such players. Simultaneously with our Scum Hacks and your skills in the game, you will always create the image of a great professional. The scale of Hacks can be applied in any of the modes, which has great efficiency.


    Below is a list of the most used Scum Hacks:


    Scum Aimbot


    Taking aim at the evil spirits is a real challenge, because you have to think not only about the target and its movement, but also about many other factors: the direction of the air, distance and height. With the help of Scum Aimbot, you will fire with 100% accuracy and with the confidence that all the shots you make will be directed at the enemy. The Scum Aimbot also automatically tracks the enemy's movements and adjusts accordingly to ensure optimal accuracy. When you make shots in sprint mode, you can often make mistakes. But, when you decide to use the Scum Aimbot, you will be able to move without obstacles with confidence while shooting, well aware that your goal is correct. Scum Aimbot offers:


    100% accuracy of hitting the enemy with all shots.


    The ability to track enemy movement and adapt to them accordingly.


    Range indicator, to anticipate possible damage that you can cause.


    Scum ESP


    Scum ESP is a great helper for your survival in the game, because due to the difficult terrain and several factors that affect your survival, you constantly need «extra eyes». This problem has already been solved, thanks to Scum ESP, because with it, you will see through objects and houses, for the premature detection of opponents. In addition, the Scum ESP helps you find hidden explosives and scan critical items needed for your survival. Some features of Scum ESP:


    The ability to easily detect enemies who are carefully disguised on the ground.


    Always stay up-to-date on possible threats and plan your own strategy accordingly.


    The ability to detect any explosives thrown in your way.


    Search for the required weapons and items.


    Fully customize the colors based on your preferences, in order to highlight each item separately.


    Scum Wallhack


    Scum Wallhack is an additional great way to hack Scum, helping to detect enemies that are hiding in houses, behind walls, and other solid objects that you can't see through. When you turn on Scum Wallhack, you will be able to easily find enemies outside the walls with moving around them or destroying them, according to your plan and game strategy. Scum Wallhack provides the following features:


    Detect enemies who are hiding behind walls or other solid objects.


    The ability to determine whether your bullets have the ability to penetrate an object to deal damage to the enemy.