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  • Hacks and Cheats for Sea of Thieves with Aimbot, ESP / Wallhack, No Recoil, Item ESP, and more!


    Rulezzgame is the most suitable platform for working with public and private hacks of Sea of Thieves. Right now you have an excellent opportunity to purchase the Sea of Thieves cheats developed by us, which have the highest security, ESP, aiming, without recoil, especially with items, all in one package. Each of the functions mentioned above is provided for purchases in this article, with a click on the link to the tool.


    What, first, is the Sea of Thieves, as well as the reason why people use our hacks


    As a rule, pirate fantasy genres are so flexible that everyone is likely to demand something special from him. Starting with looting ships with piles of loot on the high seas, searching for sunken treasures, or simply glorifying the most dangerous pirate on the planet. If you decide to apply our recommendations for Sea of Thieves, you will be able to prove your potential as a player by collecting every chest on the map, gaining instant access to any amount of gold in a short period of time. Therefore, with this access to the gold currency, you will have the opportunity to treat yourself to fancy makeup characters, significantly improving their appearance, gaining access to the equipment and tools that are so necessary to improve your gameplay.


    Regardless of your personal goal, the Sea of Thieves sandbox is a kind of open-world platform that can do everything possible to make all these journeys bold. You will be given complete freedom of action regarding anything that pleases your pirate heart, and such flexibility is the only thing that can make even the most ordinary moment unforgettable. Despite the fact that Sea of Thieves is definitely a game with a shared world, you should clearly realize and remember that this is not an MMO, where, as a rule, a permanent peace is maintained. It should also be added that each time you enter the game, you will be given a new ship of the three classes, here the size of your pirate team plays an important role.


    If we look at it in more detail, the boat can accommodate up to two players, on the Brigantine — three, and on the galleon — a maximum of four. Each (without taking into account the progress goals) resets. It takes into account the supplies that you collected and accumulated in the previous session, the number of chests for storage, as well as a good deal of other loot. Of course, this is not for everyone, but it is one of those things that can turn the game into an infinitely interesting one, regardless of how many times you will return to it. This property is similar to the permanent death system in Hunt Showdown, because their players also lose their personal hunters and equipment when they themselves die in the game. In addition, such things will not look too outdated.


    Some Sea of Thieves Cheats news and updates in 2021


    Just a few days ago, a patch for the second season was released, which indicates many new features that can cause considerable interest among novice pirates. That category of pirates developing in the second season will receive a reward under the guise of a set of Lucky Hand clothing, with which they will dominate all their peers. But the pirate legends who take part in the second season will be given a special saber and body to add to their collection. Based on this, you will have a unique opportunity to purchase boxes of goods, and then sell them to make a profit on the outposts as a merchant. You can also add completely new dynamics to the methods that allow pirates to accumulate wealth very quickly.


    In addition, the latest patch will feature other new Emissary Ledger rewards, such as Masked Renegade or Relic of Darkness Hulls. However, in addition to all this, you will be required to prepare your best gun for the battle with the Forts of Fortune. And all because, despite the dangerous and rare loot in the vaults, it is quite enough to make even Blackbeard rush to the chests. Of course, you also need to watch out for Skeleton Lords, and not only that, but also something more sinister at the end.


    What kind of Sea of Thieves cheat features are provided by our cheat code?


    The cheats we offer for Sea of Thieves have a huge number of features that provide a huge help to you throughout the game. Our product offers: player's bone / skeleton, player's 2D box, health, distance, line of sight, enemy name, and ESP of ships. In addition, with the help of our Sea of Thieves ESP feature, you can see the remains of ships, for a preliminary and early review of the shipwreck, than your opponents can do. Equally, when using our tool, you will also have rowing boats, cannonballs, outposts, and skull clouds.


    With the help of our full-fledged ESP, you will encounter such world events as the Kraken, Megalodon, Mermaid, Shark, Snakes, Chickens, Pigs, not to be compared and directly the Cloud of the Ghost Ship itself. When it comes to mining, our product provides access to unlimited ammo, portable ammo crates, cargo crates, trade crates, artifacts, and precious mermaids. Here you can also use the ESP color settings for players who are hidden from view, as well as for visible players. These usually include the color of the FOV marker, including the ESP skeleton.


    Now it's time to get acquainted with our sighting bot Sea of Thieves., feature! This feature can safely be called one of the most useful, because thanks to it, the rules of the game are equalized with people who have been practicing their goal in FPS shooters for many years. This tool is able to deprive such veterans of the game of unfair achievements, therefore, you have every chance to beat them. It is important to note that the aiming bot has a customizable aiming key, including the aiming lock. You can check the visibility of visible enemies. A convenient FOV marker displays the exact aiming area for you. You have all the options to change the aiming radius using the Aim FOV. The aiming speed is another parameter that you can change based on your personal needs. There are other cheats you can use here, namely aiming distance, target bone selector, and selective aiming. Only you make the decision: you will aim at the players, barrels of gunpowder, skeletons, sharks, referring to the current combat situation.


    In addition, you will have the ability to configure the panic and menu hotkeys. Despite the fact that the default hotkey is a kind of home for activating the cheat menu, here, at the request of the player himself, you can link this shortcut to another key. You should not hesitate when choosing a sight that matches your taste in shape and color. In the process of applying our Display FPS feature, it will also be designed for the professional gamer aesthetic that some people are looking for!


    Are you lured and attracted by free hacks for Sea of Thieves? We recommend that you refrain from such offers.


    We are ready to provide you with more than a dozen reasons why we strongly recommend that you do not descend to the level of free hacking tools. First, if we talk about the so-called free hacks of Sea of Thieves, they are very contagious, because such tools often turn out to be non-working. But this is not the worst thing, the terrible fact is that they can harm your device. Since when you try to open such a thing from an unreliable provider, on your PC, malicious backdoors will be installed on it.


    It is also strongly recommended discarding all thoughts regarding the search for free SOT cheats on YouTube, because your chances of being banned will be significantly increased, not to mention the infection of computer viruses on your game installation. When you decide to use access to the legal and paid hacking of Sea of Thieves, which we have described in detail in this article, then subscribe to our monthly premium package Sea of Thieves. Because with it, you will be able to raise your gameplay to a new level and have the maximum advantage over all your sea opponents. Don't wait any longer to surpass the masses and become the next great pirate lord who will rule the high seas for all eternity!