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SoftHub - Private cheat for Call of Duty: Warzone [Aim, Wh, AutoShot, NoRecoil]

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Soft [Hub] - Private cheat for Call of Duty: Warzone
Soft [Hub] is a good undetected cheat in terms of functionality and quality with regular updates and an affordable price, which fully works in Warzone mode and is suitable for both Legit and Rage games. In this cheat, a good aim is made for you to bend enemies and get tops

Attention! For the cheat to work, you definitely need a USB flash drive. A cheat is transferred to it and launched from it.


OC Support:
- Windows 10 (ver 1803-1909)
CPU support:
- All (all)
Anti-cheat status:
- Undetected
Game Client:
- main
Game version:
- Latest
Game Window Mode:
- Any


Buy cheat with instant key and loader access:
Paypal is available!




If this hack is updating you can check out undetected since 15.03.20202 Warzone Cheat - xmodus





Aim assist
Its not a full-fledged aim, but it will help to visit the enemy


Anti recoil


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6 hours ago, benzbm02 said:

risk of hardware bans?

yes, updated and undetected now!

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Yes, hack is undetected and working fine after update.

14 minutes ago, Carpintero said:

Hi, the cheat is still undetected after yesterday's update?


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2 hours ago, Riccardo Cazzaniga said:

Could you sure that it's not a virus? I've taken one for trying to download a cheat so.... I don't want to repeat that again.


Hey bro, I tell you my experience, I have been using cheat for 4 days and cheat works perfect, easy to use and does not have any virus, but like all cheat it is always recommended to disable the antivirus. 

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15 hours ago, Carpintero said:

Hello, a 200 MB update has just come out, it is necessary to update the cheat or this does not affect anything?

yes hack was updated. Undetected currently.

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I bought the program for 1 day to test and until then work correctly, but now a message appears, every time I pay by paypal


Verifique sua conta com o emissor do seu cartão antes de tentar utilizar este cartão novamente.

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It does not work at this time. Why is there no answer?

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13 hours ago, flyknitted said:

not working pls do something, just bought it yesterday today it say its frozen

How to make hack 100% working

1. Delete all third-party and Windows Guard antivirus by following video guide to make it FULLY disabled and turned off.
Use this tool https://www.sordum.org/downloads/?st-defender-control


2. Install all latest windows updates from update center. (make sure you are running windows 1903-1909 winver).
To check the build, press "windows key + R" and type "winver".

3. Delete Valorant game or Face-it anti-virus with all files, or any virtual drivers or related programs (WMvare, virtual machines etc)

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On 6/21/2020 at 2:37 AM, turbocstv said:

Not working in windows 10 2004 update? 

Currently no 😞 Winver 1903-1909 is supported

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  • General setup guide
    step-by-step full installation link


    Q: How can I find out the status of cheats?
    A: You can always check any game hack status directly in the hack loader or in our store, there are only undetected and updated hacks for sale.

    Q: Where can I find instructions and hack loader?
    A: Just press Instructions button on the purchase page and you will be able to download loader and install it easily via installation guide.

    Q: I have another problems with hack: my loader is outdated, i cant log in, my key is wrong and etc.
    A: Go to oplata.info , enter your email and choose your purchase. Open chat with seller and expain your problem there, you will receive answer ASAP.

    Q: How to turn off anti virus?
    A: To run any hack you need to remove any custom Anti-Virus program and disable your Default Windows Defender fully (its always ON by default). You can do it in 1 click with this tool https://www.sordum.org/downloads/?st-defender-control 
    or by following this video guides https://rulezzgame.com/en/index.php?/topic/107-how-to-disable-antivirus/

    Q: Its out of stock!
    A: This status means that the hack is on an update. Just subscribe via email on the product page and you will get notification when it will be available for sale again.

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