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SoftHub Rust Hack - No recoil + Debug camera + Always day + 2D Radar

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SoftHub Rust Hack - No recoil + Debug camera + Always day + 2D Radar


Status: Undetected

OS: Windows 10

CPU: Intel and AMD


Please notice!

Dont spray more then 5-10 bullets in a row using no recoil! It can cause server or even account ban! Always shoot for 2-3 bullets to stay legit and safe!



  • No Recoil
  • Debug Camera
  • Always day
  • EAC bypass
  • High optimization
  • Frequent update
  • Low price



Purchase SoftHub Rust Hack Full No recoil + Debug camera + Always day + 2D Radar with instant loader and key access


Purchase version without with 2D radar (only No recoil + Debug camera + Always day)




In case of problems do the following:

1) Disable Secure boot. You can see whether it is turned on or off by entering msinfo32 at startup and finding the line "Safe Boot Status" there. Secure boot itself is disabled in the BIOS.

2) Disable antivirus, Windows Defender (namely real-time protection). And the best is to completely chop off the software defendcontrol

3) Remove the Facet and facet anti-cheat through the Add or Remove Programs tab.

4) Install all updates for Windows. If you removed the facet not through deleting but a folder, you need to install and reinstall it






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  • General setup guide
    step-by-step full installation link


    Q: How can I find out the status of cheats?
    A: You can always check any game hack status directly in the hack loader or in our store, there are only undetected and updated hacks for sale.

    Q: Where can I find instructions and hack loader?
    A: Just press Instructions button on the purchase page and you will be able to download loader and install it easily via installation guide.

    Q: I have another problems with hack: my loader is outdated, i cant log in, my key is wrong and etc.
    A: Go to oplata.info , enter your email and choose your purchase. Open chat with seller and expain your problem there, you will receive answer ASAP.

    Q: How to turn off anti virus?
    A: To run any hack you need to remove any custom Anti-Virus program and disable your Default Windows Defender fully (its always ON by default). You can do it in 1 click with this tool https://www.sordum.org/downloads/?st-defender-control 
    or by following this video guides https://rulezzgame.com/en/index.php?/topic/107-how-to-disable-antivirus/

    Q: Its out of stock!
    A: This status means that the hack is on an update. Just subscribe via email on the product page and you will get notification when it will be available for sale again.

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