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  • Warface Cheats and Hacks with Aimbot, ESP, No recoil and more


    Realistic, cool and addictive Warface game. What are the hacks, cheats and codes, and is it safe to use them?


    Warface is a popular video game in the genre of mass multiplayer online first-person and third-person shooter. The game was developed by three Crytek studios: two of the studios are located in Kyiv and Seoul, and the main one is in Frankfurt am Main. The exclusive publisher and distributor of the game in China is a large Chinese company Tencent. The game uses the CryEngine 3 graphics engine and is published exclusively for personal computers and Playstation 4.


    Warface Cheats and Hacks with Aimbot, ESP, No recoil and more


    The game is aimed primarily at the Asian market, including South Korea and China, but was released in Europe and North America in 2012. «Warface» is a shooter whose action takes place in the near future. The game offers both classic full-fledged PvP battles and character classes, as well as cooperative missions in the concept of Pv. There are 2 game modes available in the game: PVE and PVP.


    PVE is a realistic mode of team passing missions, which are divided into 3 levels of difficulty: easy, difficult and professional, depending on your level, you pass them and receive rewards. There are 4 types of PVE mode: safari — following a helicopter on a vehicle, which is fired from all sides; arena — defense at one point from advancing enemy units; convoy — escorting equipment to a safe point; killing the boss — the main purpose of this regime is to kill PBM «GRIM» or a KA-50 helicopter. Also, all PVE cards are divided into 2 stages — this is the murder of JAGERNAUT — a popular character in the world of games, here he plays the role of the boss, usually this mission consists of two stages. A significant advantage of this mode is that you go through it in the company of your friends, or just random players with whom you form a team. Usually a team consists of 4 or 5 players. At the end of each day, the players who take the first 10,000 places in the daily ranking receive special «crowns», for which you can buy the best weapons and equipment for 1 or 7 days.


    PVP is a classic game mode against each other. There are several types of battles: meat grinder, its meaning is that everyone plays for himself, assault—- this is when one team must capture the command posts of another team, thus defeating it, capture — it is like an assault, only here it is necessary to capture not command posts, but the headquarters of the opposing team, team battle is a classic battle of two teams before the time comes, undermining is a kind of battle where one team must lay and detonate a bomb, and the other to prevent it and destruction mode — both teams try to destroy the enemy base.


    Warface Hacks, codes and cheats in the game


    Of course, not all players can play equally well, and it is easy to beat their opponents. It often happens that players start playing, but literally immediately realize that they are defeated by virtually all opponents. But don't stop playing because of it! There are now many ways to improve your game level. And if you don't want to spend too many hours learning to play it well, you can use hacks in the game!


    Now about 30% of Warface users use hacks in the game, very often this is the main factor in deciding the winner of the game. If you haven't started playing this game yet, then you have a great opportunity to download it right now and join the fierce battles! Our cheats and hacks in Warface have never been discovered, so it makes us the safest portal among competitors in the world of game hacks, which means you can play knowing that you will never be blocked, and you will not lose your progress in If even you have some problems with the game and here you definitely do not need to worry, because the game is free, and you can download it again at any time. But it is almost impossible to be blocked, because we have the safest cheats for games!


    Quickly dive into fierce battles so as not to miss anything!


    In the game Warface — you will find 50+ multiplayer PvP-cards, take the opportunity to solve the result of heavy fighting in the cooperative and open a huge arsenal of more than 200 realistic customizable weapons. Join more than 80 million players worldwide fast and play for free now!

    Try some exciting PvP game modes. Fight for glory on more than 50 multiplayer maps with an open world, based on location around the planet and even beyond.

    Team up with friends to perform sophisticated history-based PvE raids. Stop the tyrannical mega-corporation, eliminate the zombie threat in Chernobyl and go to Mars to defeat the army of robots!

    Discover 5 game classes armed with unique abilities, as well as a huge selection of customization options for your equipment. Customize your own look and style, customize dozens of real weapons and become an unstoppable killer soldier!


    You can safely use several hacks in the game, which will significantly increase your chances of winning. For example when you play Warface with our special Warface Hack, you can see all enemy players on the map or radar at any time, even when they are hiding behind objects and obstacles. You have the opportunity to win almost every match, because no one can kill you suddenly, because you can always see your enemy on the map and track his movement. This means that you can quickly unlock all the weapons and additional features that are available in the game in almost a few days, not months, as your competitors will do.

    Of course, for the safety of our customers, we include the full AntiCheat bypass in the Warface cheat to ensure that you go unnoticed and are not blocked, and as of 2014, it still works great and remains the safest game hack on the market!


    What are the main characteristics of Hack Warface?


    Aimbot: he will become your «best friend» in the game, with his help you can aim much faster at the head of your opponent, automatic instant killing, automatic shooting. You can also predict the trajectory of the ball and adjust it.

    AimPoint is a so-called red sight, it indicates both your enemy and the name of the target where he will shoot. Its main advantages: Automatic target switching, switching only visible targets, maximum shooting distance, the ability to change the aiming and firing angle, the best choice of target, during the shooting check the visibility of your enemy.

     ESP — its main advantages are that you know the name of your enemy, the distance to him, what weapons he has, how many supplies, what armor he has, where he is moving.

    There is also Boxes (2D and 3D) this feature will help you learn more about your enemy. For example, 2D radar shows all the players, the color of his team, his position.


    All these hacks will help you completely unlock Warface and open all the features in the game

    Unlocking all three main components in the game: equipment, gear and weapons, it will help you much faster and easier to defeat your enemies, and get the best rewards. It usually takes at least 3 rounds to complete even the first level of the game one way, but thanks to our cheats you will unlock these levels much faster than you could have imagined.


    Unlock and use all the weapons available in the game!


    Browse daily missions and be at the top of the game list by earning amazing amounts of winnings. Quickly unlock new weapons and equipment such as sights, bayonets, silencers and other useful items available in the game.


    The game evaluates you based on the number of your kills, headshots and their accuracy, so the better you play, the more points you earn, and accordingly receive the highest rewards. With the help of our targeted robot you will always get the highest number of kills, have the best accuracy and earn thousands of points every time! A new realistic GamePlay is also available in the game


    Download the free Warface game and join millions of users around the world, win battles, defeat enemies, go through fierce missions, and get the best rewards! Of course, the choice is yours, or you can play fair and be a weak player, or use our hacks in the game to help you become the best player!