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1 AFK Game Bot Lobby COD Modern Warfare 2 / Warzone 2

(5 customer reviews)

1 AFK Game Bot Lobby COD Modern Warfare 2 / Warzone 2



These are LEGITIMATE MW2 bot lobbies where everything saves, all your progression earned is kept, nothing is modded, no exploits at all so that means there is 0% chance of a ban. Can easily kill bots in Multiplayer and earn progress towards your MULTIPLAYER camo progression. Easily gain 150+ kills per game.
Price for Killing our AFK bots

AFK Player Bot Boosting (11 Consoles) We are hosting a MW2 Bot Lobby with all our Away Players and Consoles for you to easily kill and do as you please. This is all done through a legitimate public lobby with absolutely no risk of being banned.

$5 for 1 Game EASILY GET 150+ KILLS PER GAME!

All Camo Challenges, Weapon Progression, Camo Progression, Leveling, Rank XP, Weapon XP, and everything earned in the lobby will count and stick!

Great way to easily unlock camos, level up weapons, work on challenges, unlock challenges, rank up, achieve great stats, boost stats, and more! Once again, everything gained, will count and stick, this is a legitimate public match boosting method with consoles.


Works on All Platforms: PC, XBOX, and PLAYSTATION All Available! All progress will transfer to Warzone 2.0

All MW2 Bot Lobbies will be hosted on Domination to ensure you get the best boosting experience possible.

If you want, you can use our contact information to contact us directly to purchase some games as well.

After you pay, we will contact you to get you in the lobby as soon as possible.

5 reviews for 1 AFK Game Bot Lobby COD Modern Warfare 2 / Warzone 2

  1. Riley

    It was quick and easy, with zero hassle. Great experience all round.

    I highly recommend checking out Rulezzgame for yourself.

  2. Ayeee Daviddd

    Fast and easy. Ive gotten about 8 lobbies and my lord im happy. Even with different time zones they were still able to get me going fairly fast.

  3. NT

    All 4 games were delivered in-time. Thank you.

  4. Kunde

    Definitely satisfied, made 1100+ kills in 4 games. I recommend Rulezzgame

  5. Obfy

    This is the best service for boosting lobbies by far. I got into my lobby 1 hour earlier than i booked.

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