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Grand RP Farming Bot on EN / DE / Ru GTA 5 RP servers

(6 customer reviews)

Grand RP Farming Bot on EN / DE / Ru GTA 5 RP servers


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Grand RP Farming Bot on EN / DE / Ru GTA 5 RP servers

GTA 5 Grand RP Bots

Full automated Fishing Bot,

Mining Bot,

Gas Pumping Bot for Grand RP


Captcha resolver, Full Randomizer and more unique features!


Working on EN, De and other servers


For players who are looking to earn in-game currency or rewards more quickly or efficiently, a farming bot may be an option. A farming bot is a software program that is designed to automate certain tasks or actions in the game, allowing players to earn rewards or progress more quickly without having to actively play.


Farming bots can be useful for players who do not have a lot of time to play GTA V but still want to earn rewards or progress in the game. These bots can perform tasks such as completing missions or objectives, farming resources, or even participating in online multiplayer matches. Some farming bots may even be able to adapt to different situations and scenarios, making them more efficient and effective at earning rewards.

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1 month, Lifetime

6 reviews for Grand RP Farming Bot on EN / DE / Ru GTA 5 RP servers

  1. Ryan

    Quick and extremely helpful team. I requested a refund for a mod and they were quick to respond from the website and the discord. Even before the refund the checkout process was quick n easy so these guys on top rn

  2. תמיר טבקין

    The process was simple and product was legit, the license key was sent to me immediately after the transaction.

  3. Justin Strout

    Product was delivered promptly and accurately

  4. JJ

    very good bot easy to use

  5. harru

    Working fine on oil mining rig and fishing, thank you!

  6. folio

    i bought it and received the download fast

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