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League Aimbot and ESP – Apex Legends – Stealthmode SM Mod Menu with Aimassist, ESP, Visible Check

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League Aimbot and ESP – Apex Legends – Stealthmode SM Mod Menu with Aimassist, ESP, Visible Check


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Apex Legends Stealthmode League Cheat

After purchasing and using many different cheats, we grew tired of using the same boring Aimbots over, and over, and over again… Each one seeming to use the same public methods, which looked unlegit to the experienced eye no matter the settings you used.

Thus, we took it into our own hands and created Stealthmode. The last cheat you’ll ever need to buy.

As all League-based Cheats, our Cheat is meant to help users get to the Top Ranks without attracting any suspicion towards themselves. We focus on creating legit-based features meant for competing at the highest levels. Features that are subtle to the eye, yet powerful for the user.



Dominate your competition, without calling negative attention towards yourself.

Visible Check is always on, and Aim Assist only activates on VISIBLE enemies.

Our Aim Assist is “subtle, yet powerful” for the user, and is far different from the basic Aimbots all cheats these days seem to use. Developed behind analyzing countless hours of high-tier/professional gameplay, our aim uses randomized strength based on situation which allows you to look completely legit to anyone spectating. Look and Feel like a Pro, without the fear of others being able to tell you are using any assistance. Including Serversided checks!

This will help everyone, no matter your aiming ability, but it won’t be a saving grace like an Aimbot would be. You’ll still have to put in some work aiming.

Built for experienced players seeking a slight boost to become a killing machine.

Our Aim Assist works as a correction assist. It will pull towards the body/head when certain criteria is met. If you are familiar with our other products, you will adore this one too. “Incredibly Subtle to the Human eye, yet extremely Powerful for the user.”


The only difference is that we do not offer streamproof esp with this.


Aim Assist Information:

1. Aim Assist works up to 40m.
2. It won’t work on users in the air. Must be on ground.
3. Wingman requires being aimed in (ADSing) for Aim Assist to be active.
4. Shotguns: Aim Assist will be active as long as they are in the 40m range. Just play normally and you’ll feel it.
5. All others weapons are active as soon as you start shooting, as long as they are in the range of 40m.


While our main focus is on our Aim Assist, we do offer Player Outline and Chams ESP.

Outline/Chams are currently always on, and Visible check is also active on it.

– Colors will change from Red (when behind wall) to Green (when player’s body is visible, but still behind something).
– Player, when visible without anything blocking, will be only outlined red. No chams will show for easy viewing.

Vision-based settings are dependent on the User’s ability to hide the fact that they are using any.

Over the years of providing cheats, we’ve noticed that this isn’t the easiest for most. Inexperienced with hiding ESP? Please understand that you can easily be banned due to looking at Enemies through the wall, prefiring enemies when no movement is heard, and so much more can be the end of you. Playing with ESP is a new game, and you must learn how to play it right. We offer the tools, but you have to know how to use them right to stay UD.

Our products work on:

– All versions of Windows 10 and 11.
– Intel and AMD CPUs.
– AMD and Nvidia GPUs.


– Our Products seem to support Controllers without any third party applications. All users have reported 0 issues with any.

We do our best to support all good Spoofers.

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2 reviews for League Aimbot and ESP – Apex Legends – Stealthmode SM Mod Menu with Aimassist, ESP, Visible Check

  1. nurik

    I’ve subscribed for Apex Legends Chams hacks.
    Best customer services, fast delivery, easy payment
    Support is quick and helpful. The product is fantastic, overall great experience.

  2. BigBuck

    Works flawlessly

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