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GTA 5 Rage MP Ready RP Server Script for SALE 6500 USD and more RageMP maps, scripts and mods

GTA 5 Rage MP Ready RP Server Script for SALE 6500 USD and more RageMP maps, scripts and mods

Are you looking to start your own GTA 5 Rage MP roleplay server? Look no further! Our ready-to-use server script has everything you need to get your server up and running in no time. With a variety of roleplay opportunities and a friendly community, your players will be sure to enjoy their time on your server. And with our dedicated team of staff, you can be confident that your server will be well-maintained and fair for all players. Don’t miss this opportunity to own your very own GTA 5 Rage MP roleplay server. Purchase our script now and start your journey to becoming a successful server owner!

How to make your own GTA 5 RP server in FiveM, Alt:V or Rage:MP


Ready Build to run GTA5RP working server

The assembly was developed from the beginning of 06.2020, and until 11.2021. Probably more like a project, they just wanted to do better than they had at that time.


(One copy per person with further assistance and developer if necessary)
[Ready to work through an adequate online guarantor, with good reviews and also a contract]

It will be possible to go to the server itself and see all the systems that are in the assembly and all the necessary information.
Any help in finalization and development, team search, we help.

Completely for the entire development (developers), design, interiors, exteriors, cars, there are contracts for the development of orders (technical assignment) and purchase for the project, contacts of those who did it.



Game Designer, Designer (there are 2 of them, somewhere game design, somewhere more minimalism was done for systems), 2 developers: Server and Client parts, Modeler (Auto), Modeler (Interiors, Exteriors, Props).
-Gangs (All 5 ints made from 0 to tz: Balasy, Vagos, Marabunta, Family, Bloods).
-Mafia: (Int of the Chechen mafia was bought, Russian Mafia and La Cosa Nostra did from 0) Int yakuza will need to be done or bought already.
-State: Interior of the City Hall (from 0), Interior of the LS Hospital (from 0), Driving School (from 0): I took the Inta trail from the public or bought it (Not from other people’s projects, it is allowed to use), they also fixed bugs with collision and made their edits: Sandy Hospital, LSSD, LSPD, Prison, Army, MotoSalon.
-Additional interiors from 0: Mobile phone shop, Work for programmers (hackers), Shop 24-7 in Plateau, One-room apartment (For hotels), Two-room apartment (For Apartment-Houses), Car dealership (Real Cars).

LSPD, Army, City Hall. Maybe somewhere else, I don’t remember to be honest.

There are actually a lot of designs, 2 monochromatic (that is, in the whole style of the project), a few in minimalism, a few (they drew a design, made a couple of interfaces, the designer disappeared, they are on the project but are not used) – The idea is that the player could change the design to the one that he likes more. I’ll throw off one or two options in the screenshots. It also tastes and color … I personally like the design, someone may not, but remember that the design can always be added or even changed to another option, the developer can deal with this very quickly.

About 40 cars (Conversion, retopology, weight reduction, lody, copyright). Some have problems (since they didn’t take into account the scale of the car, it will be possible to fix it, I’ll show it, we’ll discuss it)

Website + Personal Account, VK group (with a domain for the project), group discord (about 20: a flea market there, factions …), 2 domains (com and ru).
Systems: I tried to make a description in the text, but it turned out to be too much. I think a better option would be part of the screenshots, we will discuss in more detail and in detail and see together. No one was involved in SMM (I thought to start posting and advertising immediately before opening, so that I could immediately launch CBT, OBT and start the project within 3 months. Either those people who bought advertising about their project for a year, everything about them they already forgot, and the guys threw the budget there far beyond 500k ..)


Also ALT:V GTA 5 Multiplayer Scripts, Mods, Ready RP Servers and more are available



Contacts to Buy GTA 5 Ready Server or scripts, interiors, mods and maps

Discord: Rulezz#7680

Tell that you come from Rulezzgame to get discount price!






Systems that are included on the server build mod GTA 5 RP:

*Auction system for businesses and houses via tablet

*Car theft system

* Quest system for beginners for each class

* Account creation, authorization, character creation and development, selection (deletion) of character information, choice of spawn location.

*5 player classes with their own quests, bonuses upon their completion

*Casino System: Roulette, BlackJack, Horse Racing, Slots, Poker.

* System war for materials (mafia)

* War for grass system (gangs) – further crafting of jambs + bonuses from use.

* AirDrop system: The zone on the map where the container falls (You can see where the plane flies and how it flies), you need a master key, then find the container in the zone, hack it, take the prizes.

* The system of robbery of houses.

* System war for business (mafia)

* Territory war system (gangs)

* Graffiti war system (gangs)

*Rental system: Boats, Motorcycles, Scooters, Bicycles. – the ability to manage the rented transport through the phone: how much time is left, extend, end the lease, find it by GPS.

* Hotel system (5 hotels on the map): buy a hotel room, call transport to the parking lot, extend: (2 interiors were made for the hotel – one room + hall + bathroom, 2 rooms + hall + bathroom.

* Impound system: take the car to the fine parking lot, redeem the car from the fine parking lot (pay a fine).

* Parking system (6 parking lots on the map): pay for parking, evacuate the car to the parking lot.

* Home menu management system: register someone in the house, give access to the closet, give access to the refrigerator, give access to the garage, close-open the door, sell the house to the state, began to develop a furniture system (not finished), owner information .

* Animation management system.

* System of thirst, hunger, moods: There is also a system of dependence.

* Character leveling system: Leveling (Driving, Psyche, Strength, Endurance), Leveling jobs (collector, taxi driver, trucker, fishing)

* Calling system: any faction, any work – you will be shown on the map the place and the person who called you (even if he moves), the person will be shown on the map the one who accepted the call (for example, the icon of the taxi car where he is currently driving in real time)

* War for cocaine (mafia) system – further crafting of cocaine + bonuses from use.

*Family system: creating, buying an office, various types of contracts: -For reputation, -For money, -Some contracts can only be taken from 3 and from 10 players. Opportunity to earn family reputation. The ability to buy bonuses to the warehouse, weapons, cars, family clothes.

* System of earning on bookmarks: We pay for the place where we need to go to find a bookmark, we search, we find (it happens not always there is a 70/30 chance), we return to the huckster.

* System robbery of people: Need a mask, be in a gang. We receive % from cash.

*Kidnapping system: Tie up, put on a mask (darkens like a real mask effect), throw it in the trunk, get it out of the trunk, lead, lock it up in the mafia jail. Or somewhere to hide the player.

*Full inventory with darg-and-drop, player interactions, trade, sell property, vehicle interactions, vehicle weights, item weights, inventory weights, bag weights, item stacks, split filters, warehouse interactions, quick slots: Clothing , phone, bag, food, drinks, first aid kit, weapons, throw away item, item description, item quantity, tablet, character avatar.

* Jobs: Construction of 2 types, Oilman, Hacker, Butcher, Taxi, Collector, Mechanic, Trucker, Bus, Scavenger – Works are divided into several levels: for example, the collector initially delivers money only from the bank to ATMs, after that it is already possible to deliver money from business to banks.

*Fishing system: Divided into different areas, has 4 types of rods, each rod depends on the level (or premium), there are 18 types of fish, each fish is caught with a certain rod in a certain place. Each fishing rod has its own bait, it is possible to set up a tent (camping area), a fire for cooking fish. The fish is sold to a buyer, the price depends on the randomness and time (more expensive at night)

* Driving school system: reading theory, passing tests, passing practice: Licenses car, moped, helicopter, plane, ships.

* Ability to climb into the trunk of a car and drive there.

* The system of buying, changing numbers on a car: When you buy a car, it does not have numbers, you go to a point on the map (it automatically indicates what you need there), buy numbers, install, register a vehicle, get a technical passport for the car.

*Business system: Mechanics, Sale of bags, sale of masks, clothing stores (premium, sports, economy, lingerie), sale of weapons, 24-7, gas stations, barber shop, tattoo parlor, car dealerships (economy, premium, sports, real car- your interior, motorcycles (economy and premium), aircraft business, helicopter business, yacht business – A complete business management system (markup change, ordering products, store names, income-expense statistics, paying taxes through a bank (telephone commission).


Russian Mafia, Italian Mafia, Yakuza, Chechen mafia. Gangs: Vagos, Bloods, Balas, The familis, Marabunta. State: LSSD, LSPD, Prison, FIB, Army, EMS, wNews, GOV (Divided into 3 sub-fractions: CIA, Secretariat, Legal) – a full menu of faction management has been created, creation and configuration of ranks, issuance-take away rights to ranks, fire- increase, crafting settings (what is available to whom from crafting), car setting (which cars can be used), logging of all faction actions (viewing), control of closed-open warehouse, announcements within the faction.

*GOV: tax settings, governor elections, law severity settings, ordering materials, medicines, transferring money from GOV to other GOS factions, selling licenses (weapons, business, medical card + category A medical card, military ID, fishing, lawyer), control by the governor of payday of all factions, the ability to release lawyers from prison for paying a fine, each member of his faction has a document (with his name, position, names of the faction in which he works, branding), sale of medicines, players need to enter data into the database themselves GOS (you can do what will add automatically), the system of searching for players, the system of searching for cars + search by name.

*Black market: purchase of master keys, ties, body armor, head bag.

*Tablet: Tablet settings, auction, faction menu, business menu.

*Phone: Save to contacts, dial a number, call history, send SMS, send ads to vNevs, online bank, navigator, the ability to drive your car (evacuate, find, sell state, view information), drive a rented vehicle (how much time is left, end the lease, extend the lease, find the zhps) SIM card management system: install another SIM card, remove the SIM card altogether, view your number and balance on the phone.
-A system has also been created for using different phone options: iPhone, Samsung – you need to buy another phone and install it in a cell in your inventory.

*Bag System: Buying different bags with different amount of weight and slots. There are currently 3 types.

* Referral system, 2 types: 1 – in the character menu you have a code, you need to send it to a friend, he activates it in the same menu, you get an event currency. 2 – you create a referral code for the youtuber yourself, players must activate it when creating an account, the youtuber receives% from the donation of the account.

*Donate: Regular Services, Buying Statuses, Buying Packs, Buying Cases, Roulette, Shop with cars, yachts, buildings, clothes.

*Shop for event currency: Purchase items for event currency.

*Event currency earning system: Received for achievements, completing quests, gifts, as well as for participation and victory in events currently automatic 3: races, twt, last hero.

* Character customization menu: full customization of the character’s functionality, button binding, a system was created with changes in the player’s interfaces (so that everyone could choose which one he likes and use it)

*Help menu: navigation through the works, various information that can be presented in different ways.

*Menu of quests, achievements, global quests, gifts to the player.

* Administration menu: Reports, setting up and creating ranks (for the server owner, to whom what is available), information on the command (the command itself + description), administration logs, machine logs. Created many teams for administration.

*Several design options are ready for hud, stores, menu controls, inventory.

*Many interiors, cars.

Each player’s ability or system is maximally developed and with a unique refinement. To see all the systems and evaluate the assembly itself, please contact the LAN to enter the server.

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