How to buy War Thunder account with high tier Tanks and Planes via Paypal

There are many ways to buy an account in War Thunder. You can buy it directly from your friend or use one of the many account exchanges or sites dedicated to trading them. On our site you can purchase an account that will belong only to you, since we sell only official accounts obtained legally by purchasing them from their owners for further resale.

On you can find a wide range of accounts of different levels for War Thunder, from level 1 to level 100. By writing to us in private messages, you can specify which account you need, including equipment from different countries of Aircraft and Tanks, and we will select for you from what is available.

War Thunder Accounts price for levels

Level 90-100 account – 14$
Level 100 account – 17$

Contacts to buy War Thunder account directly with instant access

Telegram @rulezz_game

Discord Rulezz#7680

Discord Group

Telegram channel

Examples of War Thunder accounts that we recently sold.