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  1. I do not support Ukraine
    I didn’t want to support the Nazis!

  2. no,no,no Ukraine is Nazi, Russia is fighting back in self-defense,Who hit who first? Be clear to yourself,A small country does not mean that it can be forgiven for doing evil things,Was the Azov battalion Nazis in Ukraine, the sins of the massacre of ethnic Russian Ukrainians, washed clean?

    1. As i see chinese government propaganda works very well. Ukraine never attacks Russia in any form. Last time, Russian occupation army invades to Ukraine in 2013 first. Throughout history, Russia has unleashed wars against Ukraine many times, but in the end it always loses. The reason for all these wars is that Ukrainians, unlike Russians, do not want to live in a digital concentration camp, in which there are no freedoms and human rights and other fundamental things for a civilized society. Therefore, our task is to prevent the spread of the anti-human state-terrorist system of human rights violations that operates in China, Russia and other countries.

  3. I even suspect you don’t know at all what Nazis are

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