Valorant Accounts for Sale / Fresh and Personal accs from owners / All regions / Paypal

Hello, I’m selling Valorant accounts. There are both fresh new accounts and personal ones from the owners with many items and high ranks. I recommend using an account registered in the Turkish region (it is part of the EU) because it becomes almost 2 times more profitable to buy donations on it. In order to find out more information about accounts available, write to me in the PM.

Fresh Valorant Accounts

Fresh New Turkey Region Valorant Account

(all other regions are available too)

Login type Data:Pass;Email:Pass

Account is connected to EU continent

The ability to COMPLETELY change all the data to your own.

Account statistics are clean (games have never been launched)!

There is no ban and no blocking!

Warranty on the purchased product!

Price 2$

Account ready for Ranked / Personal / Level 20 / With Mail

Personal account for calibration in the rating.

Upgraded by people, without cheats and AFK.
You will receive an account along with the mail.
All data can be changed. Change nickname, etc.
You get the date of birth specified during registration.

Price 12$

Personal Valorant Accounts from Owners

EU Personal Account with Rgx Butterfly bundle and some other skins

✨Servers you can play on: Istanbul, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Warsaw, Stockholm and more.

Current rank: Diamond 1 74 rr.

Skins and account photos:

After purchase:
Full Data change!
I will help you to change the email.
100% guarantee that the account will be only yours.

Price 200$

EU Personal Acc Butterfly Knife, Cool skins and more / Bronze 3

There are many skins, both from combat passes and for valorant points.
of the purchased ones (vandal rgx, phantom oni, operator Valorant GO, some other phantom with a rabbit.

There are 5 knives, their number includes a butterfly knife from the intelligence collection (it seems) a kerambit (bp), a rapier (bp), a poke knife (bp) and some other kind of knife.

All agents are open, including the new fade agent.

Several contracts have been completed (kayo, your, chamber, there seems to be more) I will provide all screenshots

About 13.000 was spent on the account.

Rank is bronze 3

Price 170$

and many more fresh and personal accounts are available for sale, write me in PM to get more information, contacts are listed below

Payment methods:

Paypal, Revolut, Wise, Binance Pay, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, UDST and other crypto

Contacts to buy Personal Valorant account directly via Paypal or Crypto

Discord Rulezz#7680 | Telegram @rulezz_game

Discord Group

Telegram channel

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