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Selling Fortnite 1000 V-bucks for 10 usd | Instant delivery, Paypal

Selling Fortnite 1000 V-bucks for 10 usd | Instant delivery, Paypal


1000 v-bucks – 10$ Buy in store

2800 v-bucks – 20$ Buy in store

5000 v-bucks – 29$ Buy in store

13500 v-bucks – 75$ Buy in store

10% of the profits go directly to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Payment methods:

Paypal, Binance Pay, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, UDST and other crypto

V-Bucks to your Fortnite EPIC GAME account. To activate, you will need your XBOX account login information.

? What to do if you don´t have an XBOX account?
Don´t worry, you can easily create an XBOX account and link it to your EPIC GAME account, if you don´t know how to do it, you can easily contact the seller and they will give you full instructions on how to do it, as well as help with any other questions .

?Why do you need my XBOX account?[/B]
We will buy all VBAKS in the official fortnite store, through other regions. If your account is connected to an epic game, after purchasing VBACS on XBOX, you will receive VBACS to your EPIC GAME account and can spend them at any time.

?GUARANTEE!!! Many may be afraid of such large numbers, but the Rulezzgame store can guarantee the safety of both your accounts and guarantee the quality of the goods sold, YOU WILL NOT GET A BAN OF YOUR ACCOUNT, this purchase goes through the official Fortnite store.

?Average vbucks activation time: from 15 minutes to 300 minutes, maximum up to 24 hours, it all depends on the queue, if you made a purchase at night, we probably may activate it with short delay!

?Product purchase instructions:
1. Select the desired amount of VBUCKS.
2. Click the “BUY NOW” button, then follow the instructions.
2. After confirming your payment, we will contact you in Discord or Telegram to transfer vbucks.
4. Wait for further instructions from the seller…

Discord Rulezz#7680 | Telegram @rulezz_game

Discord Group

Telegram channel

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